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Starwood’s business should either stay the same or grow in the near future. With programs to continue expanding into appearing markets like China and continuing to get out from under all their real estate control and push toward a much more management/franchise emphasis their income should carry on and increase within the next few years. Starwood competes by simply focusing on their brand name. They need the term to evoke thoughts of comfort, design, great service, and a home away from home for the more deluxe clients and business travellers.

Significant influences on the distribution of market share will be technology, availability, and the overall economy. With the emergence of travel sites that help find the best rates while also giving information on amenities and star ratings, hotels will have to be more conscious of their standings on these sites to continue to dominate within their segment in the market. Getting your hotels in the best spots, available to the consumers exactly where they need them is going to be a large influence about market share.

Again many brands are growing into new markets just like China to try and keep up with the shift of travelers. In doing this they wish to catch that revenue movement shifting to people markets. The last factor, the economy, can be an changing issue. With all the downturn in the usa many accommodations are looking at other market segments to keep earnings coming in. Certainly like America, new and emerging markets are also controlled by economic swings in the future and so the industry must stay mindful of those swings and assume when they may well hit. Economical Performance:

The next ratios were used to assess Starwood Hotels’ financial functionality to the industry: Operating Revenue Margin, Returning on Capital Employed, Sales/Profit / Fixed Assets, Current Ratio, and Gearing. Because you will see Starwood Hotels financial performance imitates that of the economy with the recession after 2008 and the sluggish rise support through the past few years. For few years we have a prediction these numbers is going to continue to improve as the American market comes out from the recession so that as Starwood goes into emerging markets.

Starwood competes almost solely on its brand and what it stands for. Centering on business and upscale travellers they create an atmosphere specifically tailored to this clients. With chic interiors and extra services presented they provide the qualities this kind of audience looks for out in their very own travels, aiding Starwood end up being the top rival in the luxury lodging sector. Competitive Position:

Starwood Hotels’ position in the market place with the luxury hotel market, which they dominate. With hotel brands such as the W, Westin, Sheraton, and ALoft you can literally see the difference in appearance instantly with top quality decorations and top end comforts. However , that they underperform inside the everyday resort market wherever Intercontinental dominates. Because Starwood is so centered on luxury, superb comfort, which brand name that they miss out on the top market share from the everyday travelers who want wonderful comfort but also find great prices as well.


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