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It is difficult to underrate the value of Accounting in companies and all types of business institutions all over the world. It is because of my recognition of the significance of accounting that we have decided to find further education and a job in this discipline. After mindful contemplation, it is now understandable in my opinion that making a successful career in accounting in the modern business environment requires advanced training and related subjects including taxation. My spouse and i am encouraged to study in the masters program in Accounting simply by an awareness in the dynamic nature of the organization environment and the need to upgrade my own knowledge and specialist abilities. I really hope to expand my worldwide perspective regarding various aspects related to business and expand the course of knowledge.

I hold a degree in Bachelor of Business Supervision, Finance being my expertise, from ÜBER School of Business, Pune, India. It is accredited simply by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with “A” Grade CGPA score of three. 37/4. The course includes in-depth learning of various themes like Economics, Industrial Contact, Marketing, Accounting and Fund, Human Resource Management, Supervision Information Systems, Event Supervision and Corporate Cultural Responsibility. Yet , being aware of my personal keen curiosity and opinion that Financing is the foundation of money administration, I decided to opt for Fund. With my personal extensive basis in accounts, I am convinced which i can handle well while using demands of the MBA system. Not only would my educational experiences impressed upon me the importance of Accounting in the industry world but it made me realise the crucial role played out by management in the best direction and success of any company. While my affinity for these areas developed, it has become clear which the pursuit of Masters degree in a business-related field, ideally in america, is the rational next step during my overall development.

Moreover to my academic efficiency, I have attended seminars and conferences on various issues like Reforms in the Indian Banking Sector and Demonetisation. My project work comes with preparation of financial analysis information on companies like Dabur, Manickchand Oxyrich and Reliability Pvt. Limited. The preparation of these projects was time consuming and necessary to carefully evaluate various total annual statements of each and every company in order to conclude its financial position. Although they were demanding, I anticipate that the experience acquired will be extremely beneficial when seeking further studies.

I’ve decided to go after my level overseas, as the experience and the facilities offered in educational institutions of my nation are limited and thus allow to match the diversity and multiculturalism available in the US. We look forward to getting together with and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. The ability to listen and learn from others in one of the essentials to induce expansion. Your University or college, with its accurate mix of persons belonging to different backgrounds, is a accurate microcosm with the international business community and thus the ideal place to pursue a business-based education. It will help me to broaden the abilities and expertise towards better performance. Such am exposure, once supported by training and guidance in various aspects of accounting, will, I believe, let me reach my future desired goals.

I am highly motivated and determined in pursuing my own Master’s degree in the USA. After completion of the master’s software, I decide to return to India and improve a Corporation since an accounting professional capable of dealing with a broad range of individuals, companies and financial circumstances and thus, apply the things i have learnt. With the faith and confidence in me personally, I expect to develop a powerful career i can be happy with. I am aware with the challenges forward but I am eager and determined to achieve my personal goals.

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