stc five forces style and competitive advantage

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Rivalry Among Rivals In 2005 Saudi Arabia joined up with WTO and opened up the Saudi Telecoms market to foreign rivals. The Saudi Arabian Telecommunication market has become increasingly competitive. In addition to competing in prices all the major competitors are striving to offer differentiated products and services geared towards increasing their particular market shares. The competition is usually apparent in the decline in STC’s profits despite larger revenues. Stand 1 ” Level of Competition (2008)| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Regional services| Household fixed very long dist| Inter-national fixed extended dist| Wifi local loop| Data| DSL| Cable modem| VSAT| Leased lines| Set Wireless Broadband| | | C| C| C| C| C| C| | C| C| C| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Mobile| Paging| Wire TV| Set sat| Mobile phone sat| GMPCS| IMT 2000| Internet services| Inter-national gateways| | | C| | | C| C| C| C| C| C| | It is also remarkable that Arab saudi is one of the three countries in the area which has come to a status of full competition according to ITU across all telecommunication fields, the other two being The nike jordan and Bahrain.

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As such it can be clear the Rivalry among competitors can be high and so keeps the values down and for all rival in the market to come up with innovative and differentiated approaches to attract consumers. Threat of recent Entrants The growth in Telecommunications globally has its own factors certainly one of which makes the threat of new entrants substantial. Which the switch is from wired to wireless companies has made that possible for a large number of entrants to come in. Nevertheless the market currently seems condensed. The number of fixed telephone lines has been especially stable and risen just 0. 2 % CAGR over the last five year coming from 16. two per 100 inhabitants to 16. twenty-two. Mobile phone subscribers in Saudi Arabia are overpowering at 174. 43 per 100 residents (Note that mobile phone users in different coming from mobile phone subscriptions) with a development rate of 37. 5 % CAGR from 2004 to 2009 (140 every 100 occupants for digital mobile phone subscriptions). However internet is still unsaturated with only 7. 32 subscriptions and 38. 10 users in each 100 inhabitants. Therefore where the vividness in mobile communication maintain the threat of new entrants low however the extremely low penetration in Internet services leaves the threat of entrants quite high.

However in net and broadband the danger of entrants is high especially with the advent of WiMax technology. Total the danger of traders in the Saudi Telecom market as of 2009 can be considered moderate. The risk of entrants force is definitely not regarded major which is not tugging down prices and driving the competition of the portable sector in Saudi Arabia any further where as it absolutely was the major push from june 2006 to 2007. However STC providing finest services with lowest prices for Internet Services is actually a proof of large threat of entrant online sector. Risk of Substitutes The threat of substitutes is also high.

It is a adding factor in keeping prices low and competitiveness high in the Saudi Telecom industry. With VoIP companies users will make virtually free of charge calls. These kinds of services are allowed in Saudi Arabia above private systems and normally (ITU). A variety of solutions continue on popping up within the scene and challenging the conventional communication stations. Once the advantages of such providers are well noted and data flow is definitely faster excellent high power of challenging all major players in the market. In addition to that these kinds of services are becoming increasingly progressive and have started to offer amazing quality.

Satellite tv phones can be considered a rival or replace. However for the discussion it truly is considered a substitute which has a prospect of threatening the mobile phone industry if innovation leads to more functionality in Satellite phone handsets with probable launch of satellite internet. Total the power of risk of alternatives has high impact on the Saudi telecommunications marketplace competitive circumstance. Power of Buyers Approximately 59. 4 % of the Saudi population is usually between 12-15 to sixty four, with a every capita GDP of bucks 21, three hundred. Customers usually demand goods that are top quality and reasonably listed.

The changing costs will be negligible to zero as a result the power of purchasers is modest to high. The evidence shows that the prices have been driven down as such it really is obvious which the Power of purchaser has been and remains high. Power of Suppliers Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) are businesses that provide interaction solutions to Companies like set or mobile operators along with Enterprise clients. If you place a call on your mobile phone, surf the internet, sign up for a conference phone or watch a video upon demand through IPTV (internet protocol TV) ” it can be all NEPs technologies which have been enabling this kind of kind of solutions.

The key players per type of customer segment are Companies, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Wacholder, NEC, Nokia-Siemens, Nortel, ZTE, Emerson Network Power and Enterprise Sector Providers, Avaya, Cisco, Motorola, Siemens Enterprise Communications Debt consolidation among connection service providers because of convergence causes greater dependence on a few large clients of suppliers, this means lower negotiating strength of suppliers.

Because of pressures prove profitability, providers are increasingly looking at cutting down their operating costs and capital bills (lowering price per subscriber), and this is usually putting challenges on NEPs margins. Switch from PSTN to Next-Generation Network and increasing utilization of standardized network components (COTS) compared to more proprietary gadgets is continually reducing the bargaining power of suppliers. Likewise software is to increasingly change traditional network components.

Total the Power of suppliers is lower in the Global telecommunication market as a result the same impact is showed in Arab saudi. Reources & Capabilities FRONTWARD strategy Foreign Expansion Portable Network Coverage ” 92 % Introduction and ability to appeal to VIP and Business sector Niche Penetration with affordable prices (Loyal Customers) Good Circulation Network High Market Capitalization Good Capital Base Main Competencies Catering to VIP and Organization Sector Niche leads to solid small specific niche market of high having to pay and loyal customers High Industry Capitalization and Capital Bottom eads to ability to drop prices Large Mobile Network and capability to use multiple distribution channels leads to capability to cover more customers and penetrate more deeply Competitive Edge All three Core Competencies happen to be basis Initially mover positive aspects that with each other form the Competitive Advantage. This kind of passes the Competitive Advantage Test to be Relevant or perhaps Appropriate, Not Imitable, No Substitutable, Durable and provides Competitive Superiority. This Competitive Advantage is the Initial Mover Benefit creating solid base and ability to remain competitive through the two price and differentiation.

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