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A tragic hero is known as a character in whose flaw or perhaps mistake eventually leads to their downfall. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, the little town of Salem is immersed within a crisis because of the accusations of witchcraft. Among the accused is definitely John Proctor, a strong and moral player. John Proctor meets the meaning of a tragic hero as a result of his fatal flaws, the affair with Abigail great pride, nevertheless redemption at the conclusion of the enjoy saves his morals.

H One of Ruben Proctors faults is his affair with Abigail.

The affair with Abigail can be his drop because it provokes the witch trials. Abigail doesn’t wish to believe the fact that affair has ended between her and Ruben and attempts to kill Elizabeth Proctor simply by preforming witchcraft with other ladies in the city. When Parris discovers all of them and the community begins to ostracize the girls, they call out the names of others they have supposedly seen while using Devil to save lots of their kudos and possibly their very own lives.

Therefore , the affair between John and Abigail is the spark of all of the hysteria surrounding the witch trials.

The affair likewise caused At the Proctor to distrust her husband, David, who intended for seven several weeks was looking to get into her good graces and is fed up of her mistrust. He explains to her “¦ I have not moved from there to presently there without I believe to you should you¦ I cannot speak nevertheless I are doubted, every moment judged for lies¦ “(52). This illustrates John’s determination in attempting to redeem himself intended for his desprovisto. Because John cannot control his desire and withstand temptation, his life is being destroyed by the jealousy and need for payback of Abigail, indicating the start of his problem and highway to to become tragic leading man.

W John Proctors major flaw was his pride. John’s reverance and good name is exactly what kept him from trying to marriage act, which may have most likely, halted the witch trials. At the asked him to go into the court and tell them that Abigail is fraud, but he refused. He said, “I know I cannot keep it. I say I will think onto it! “(51). non-etheless, when Elizabeth is caught, John must choose between his pride fantastic wife. This individual tries to repair it by delivering Mary Warren into the the courtroom to concede to lies and pretense.

This does not work out when Jane Warren turns on him and he needs to admit to being an adulterer, reserving his dignity in order to rescue his wife. Sadly, he as well is arrested after At the is questioned about his confession by simply Danforth. She denies his unfaithfulness so that they can protect John’s name, creating his criminal arrest for perjury and witchcraft. This proves that David is trying to do good, however his misfortunes keep coming, which can be another top quality that makes Steve Proctor the tragic main character of the play. T While the enjoy comes to a conclusion, Proctor for a second time has to produce a decision regarding his satisfaction.

The the courtroom gives him with an ultimatum which he can plead guilty and live or become hanged while using others who have didn’t confess. After speaking with Elizabeth, David decides that he wants to live and surrenders to a confession. Following he signs the admission, he holes it up after learning that Danforth methods to hang his confession on the church gates. As Reverend Parris and Hale are about to object, John pronounces “¦ for now I do think I realize some shred of amazing benefits in Steve Proctor¦ “(133), referring to his honesty. He’d rather expire for the greater good, then simply ruin his name and the titles of the other prisoners.

Elizabeth will not try to end him either knowing that he needed to try this, tearfully saying to Hale “He have his goodness right now. God prohibit I take it from him! “(134). Proctor preserves his pride and dignity, declining as a guy with faults yet an excellent man, becoming the tragic hero from the Crucible. Because the perform develops we see that Steve Proctor is the tragic hero of The Crucible. His flaws destroy him but at the conclusion of the perform he maintains his pride and passes away a good guy. Arthur Callier uses Steve Proctor to show us how one can get over mistakes in life and secure ones pride.

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