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Proper Thinking

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H. corporation; state for instance that the Jiffy Lubricant subsidy in France is usually involved in a scandal; even so the managements are different, the scandal will reflect upon the entire corporation, and consequently the American facility

Multi country Approach

The benefits and disadvantages of any multi-country strategy are rather similar to the ones from a global procedure, with the particularity of decreased numbers of participants. Aside from the already stated features, the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-country way can be described as follows:

Features of a multi-country approach increased possibility to select individuals countries which fit some industry-specific demands, such as reduced volume of population living below the low income line, elevating automobile revenue or improved standards of living the limited quantity of partner-countries, cautiously selected, can simply consolidate their position and enforce the capabilities of Jiffy Lubricant

Disadvantages of the multi-country approach reduced variation and the possibility that most with the partner-countries do not retrieve the desired outcomes, going out of no alternate facilities to lower the loss the selected countries could strengthen all their position and stay accused of monopolistic businesses and improved control over solutions

Both strategies allow Few seconds Lube to control internationally and benefit from the features of global operations. However the multi country approach generally seems to present the car service company with additional advantages and disadvantages, this basically gets the same features, but on a limited range, as the amount of partner countries is limited. Fundamentally, a global viewpoint is seen as a larger range of partners, which could both support but likewise generate road blocks. The multi-country approach features reduced associates, reduced revenue possibilities although also lowered risks. The choice should depend on Jiffy Lube’s approach to risk, however the most suitable alternate would be the global strategy. The rationale behind this choice is provided by a larger use of resources and many importantly, a heightened diversification with the company’s portfolio across the globe, allowing it to counteract national losses with other national gains.


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