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Internal Environment Analysis

Tactical Plan Component 2: Internal Environmental Analysis

Strategic planning is informed by the two organization’s exterior and internal environments. Inside factors are very important individuals of an company strategic path. Among additional internal elements, management and employee expertise, organizational tradition and framework, product profile, and monetary performance drastically influence the strategic decisions an organization makes (Hill Jones, 2012). This kind of text offers an internal environment analysis of WEX Incorporation., a repayment processing and information managing services firm with functions in the U. S. and beyond. The written text particularly concentrates on the most important abilities and failings for the organization and its competitive position in the payment control industry.

Important Strengths, Weaknesses, and Inside Environment Factors

WEX was established in 1983. More than three decades functioning means that the organization boasts pretty extensive detailed experience inside the payment control industry, a major strength pertaining to the company. Over the years, the company has generated its occurrence in the U. S. and other countries such as Canada, Brazil, UK, too Australia and New Zealand. With focus on service quality and customer satisfaction, the company features attracted and retained a great expansive consumer bottom mainly in fleet, travel and leisure, and well being industries as well as fuel selling, media, and insurance industries. The company provides excelled in corporate repayment solutions, with simplicity, security, and value being the core strong points of its services. Various other important talents include competent leadership and personnel, beneficial strategic partnerships, and solid financial efficiency. As of 2015, the company boasted revenues, net income, and resources in excess of $854 million, $110 million, and $3. almost eight billion, correspondingly (WEX Inc., 2015). Having its impressive economical performance, WEX is one of the top firms inside the Russell 2000 index. This increases the strengths with the company.

Strategic management theory asserts that competitive benefits is created from valuable, exceptional, inimitable, and non-substitutable methods, capabilities, and competencies (Hill Jones, 2012). For WEX, a relatively extended operational experience, fairly solid customer devotion, simple and safeguarded corporate payment processing services, multinational existence, and powerful financial performance can be described as the organization’s package deal of valuable and unusual resources. These types of competencies are particularly important on the market in which the firm operates. The payment processing industry essentially involves handling payment and buying transactions on behalf of clients. Therefore , the ability of any provider to offer convenient, secure, trustworthy, and customer-centered alternatives is a essential source of competitive advantage in the market, especially in conditions of consumer acquisition, client retention, and financial functionality at large.

In spite of its advantages, WEX includes a number of disadvantages worthy of consideration. First, the corporation primarily is targeted on corporate consumers mainly inside the fleet, travelling, and wellness industries. This really is a significant disadvantage compared to the majority of its significant competitors as they focus on not merely corporate clients, but as well individuals and institutions. Additionally they facilitate payments for a wider range of consumers beyond navy, travel, and health industrial sectors. Additionally , the business is greatly dependent on the U. T. market. In 2015, for instance, only 19% of the revenues originate from outside the U. S. (WEX Inc., 2015). This some weakness is crucial while overreliance on the domestic industry can be catastrophic for an organization, particularly as a result of market saturation and maturation challenges (Hill Jones, 2012).

Another important weakness for WEX relates to economic performance. Although revenues have become consistently within the last three years, a closer look discloses weaknesses inside the company’s economic performance. For instance, net profits declined substantially from $202 million in 2014 to $111 million in 2015 (WEX Inc., 2015).

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