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Counterterrorism Strategies

Terrorism is a twenty first century’ problem to the world. It has resulted in many lives lost ultimately. Global instability in of the world in terms of sociable, economic, and political spectra has also been witnessed because of terrorism. For this reason, the world’s international locations have come collectively to devise methods and means of countering the problem. Yet , on top of a global stand that courtiers take up a similar and coordinated method of fighting terrorism, there are still occasions where certain countries adopt unique strategies to fight the menace (Sisk, 2011). Counterterrorism strategies among the most hit countries thus vary. In this daily news, an research of the differences and similarities between the counterterrorism strategies among the list of three European nations is definitely put forth. The countries below focus listed below are Spain, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Each of these countries has been facing similar fear threats and has invented ways to combat it.


In this study, the author did a comparative analysis of the security ways to terrorism inside the three countries; Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden. The facts and statistics suitable were from government websites of these individual countries and the accounts given by the people proxy server to the secureness departments during these countries. Supplementary data from articles and magazines touching on terrorism in Europe were also used to have the information. Coming from comparison and analysis, mcdougal applied his opinion about the approach that was more beneficial as implemented by each country. Second opinions from all other previous studies were not utilized. The second information simply guided the writer to make complete conclusions relating to which way used by any country was effective.

Horror threats to Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden

After the September 11 strike on the American soil, there were similar dangers leveled against European countries that have for a while been profiled by terror systems as being good friends of America. Initially, the motivating aspect guiding the terrorists issues mission to attack America was premised on the decision to invade War and Afghanistan (Haberfeld, Full, Lieberman, 2009). Surprisingly, these kinds of countries as well acted because the home bases of the world’ notorious and leading terror networks, The Al-Qaida. This kind of drew their very own wrath and has as motivated them to attack America. The desire simply by these fear networks to attack different nations like the above-mentioned Western states is definitely premised for the commonalities in religion with America. Besides, the U. S. govt has been using a good diplomatic and trading relations with these countries (Hammond, 2014).

Therefore , that a battle tactic the particular terror systems are using to destabilize and weaken their very own main opponent target, the United States of America. The war strategy and tactics with the enemies have inspired the responses employed as well as the strategies that the terrorists use. Even though these countries are facing the same type of threat, they are now using distinct approaches to preventing them off (Haberfeld, King, Lieberman, 2009). The reasons lurking behind this big difference are there are peculiar differences in these countries that include physical positioning, religious composition, and political stabilities.

The commonalities in the methods used

Every one of the three countries have implemented religious profiling as a way of rebutting terrorism. The three countries are largely Christian claims. They have small composition of Muslims and also other religions. In fact , virtually all terrorist networks today are faith-based. The trust that seems to produce the greatest number of these terrorists is definitely the Islamic trust. In fact , terrorists are at this kind of war claiming that they are preventing in the name of God. Theirs is actually a religious war popularly recognized as Jihad. Jihadist tendencies inspire all fear activities in the world today. The prime goals of the horror activities will be the Christians, becoming the primitive enemies in the Muslims (Sisk, 2011). They also have become goals since the main target opponent state intended for the Islamic insurgents, America, which is mainly a Christian state. Besides, these Jihadists come from countries where Islamic rules and Sharia regulations are firmly followed. They are really operating within haven once in either country. The three nations include chosen to profile their people religiously as a method of countering terrorism (Hammond, 2014).

The move to choose religious profiling was also motivated by successful rendering of the same by DHS. This was developed following the September eleven attack following your most daring terror attack on Many capital. Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain continue to keep a database of all their very own citizens with details of their religious association also well. Accordingly, you will find no rights to praise outside the stipulated time activities and all the religious leaders are listed by the express. They also have a requirement that religious endeavors have to be disclosed to the point out authorities. Even though these serves are resistant to the freedom of worship provisions provided for in these countries’ constitutions, they have had to do so in order to safeguard their very own citizens. This kind of reason offers even produced then individuals understand the governments’ intentions sometime later it was supported these people fully (Haberfeld, King, Lieberman, 2009).

The other counterterrorism technique that these three nations talk about is that they are employing shared intellect to combat the criminal offenses. The decision to use shared intellect was motivated by the reality terrorists were getting smarter by the day and used the gap that existed in information showing. The entire European Union is on the program to share intelligence details with each other. Being part of the Eu, these countries have been posting intelligence together and getting the same feeds from your conglomeration in the nations beneath the umbrella union (Sisk, 2011).


Even though fight a common enemy, three nations had to use one of a kind strategies sometimes for their causes. One such different approach comes from the physical difference the three countries have. As an example, The Netherlands can be found next towards the sea. This makes it very ready to accept the horror attack than any of the additional two countries. For this reason, they have adopted more stringent procedures than Sweden and Spain. The second attribute of the Netherlands’ geographical location is the fact it acts while the flight terminus for many routes (Haberfeld, King, Lieberman, 2009). As an example, virtually all planes from Africa and Asia must move across The Netherlands just before proceeding to America. On this factor, the country offers adopted superior screening mechanisms at the airport terminal more than in Sweden and Spain. The other big difference is that given that Spain is known as a Monarchy using a very conservative catholic denomination, virtually everybody is forced to behave like the rest. There is certainly minimal space for change in ethnic and religious practices (Hammond, 2014).


Counterterrorism tactics employed by these kinds of three European countries have up to now been powerful in rebutting the potential fear attacks that would have happened. The use of faith based profiling features however improved tension among the citizens in which it has been utilized. There are developing concerns about the continued usage of this strategy, stemming from the explanation that the steadiness of these countries is becoming more precarious than previously. Although the approach are bearing the desired benefits now, it has the potential of creating disastrous consequences in the end. For instance, the couple of Muslims in these countries continue getting resentful of the regimes and the Christians alike. Fortunately they are winning the sympathy of their colleagues exterior these countries. With this sort of a craze, there might be a worldwide balkanization between Christians and Muslims, that might result in full-scale religious wars. The event of the other is significantly much more lethal than the present state of terrorism.

Intelligence sharing as being a strategy to fight terrorism is beneficial, especially presently moment when The European Union has turned it a top priority. Countries have joint intelligence systems, which operate cooperation with the local countries’ security systems. The weakness of this approach now could be that inspite of the need to reveal intelligence studies, there comes a time once countries prioritize safeguarding individual interest initially. Some intellect reports that get to the attentions some countries sometimes are not shared for dread that it will compromise their steadiness.


Counterterrorism is one of the priciest and involving affair that countries include today. The expenditure within this endeavor is usually however well worth the doing. Ideally, terrorist activities can bring down the complete nation’s economic climate. As observed from the strategies used by three countries talked about above, the fight against terrorism will need to fit the size of the threat faced. It should also be encouraged by the value of the threat faced. Second of all, cooperation between countries in the fight against terror is very important. This can be attained through info sharing (Hammond, 2014).

Countries can also interact personally in establishing joint military forces to combat terrorism. Given the very fact that terrorist networks ride on high financing from abundant and interested parties, it may be difficult to get a single express to level a battle against the threats it confronts from these kinds of terrorists. Finally, whatever sacrifices need to be ingested in order

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