Strategies that could positively encourage self-reliance Essay

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Explain four strategies that could positively encourage Sophie’s self-reliance, self-esteem and mental resilience.

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Molly is Sophie’s key employee in a setting she attends, Molly provides realised that Sophie reaches the right stage of creation but Molly has also noticed that Sophie has problems eating and doesn’t just like socialising exterior although your woman spends a lot of time with her close friends. Molly is concerned about Sophie and the baby room want to know what things can help the situation. My spouse and i am now going to explain the 5 categories which i think might help Sophie.

These are generally: Focusing Attention- I think this might help Sophie when the girl with in nursery as I feel as if she is missing attention once she is at your home as the girl doesn’t use much time with her parents. Giving Sophie lots of focus may take her mind off not eating and make her less self-conscious of once she may have to eat about other kids and also producing her utilized to getting interest. This will help Sophie’s self-esteem as she will feel great about himself wanting to proceed and talk to her close friends and feel at ease eating surrounding them.

Trying new activates- I do believe that trying new activities with Sophie when it comes to meal times could make her think more?? Placing personal goals- I think that setting personal goals to get Sophie will make her feel as though she gets a reason to go to Nursery and Sophie may possibly realise that individuals are actually nurturing about her making her feel good about herself and also making her realise that she doesn’t have to deal with points on her personal. The personal goals that we can set are things like striving new foods are giving her positive reviews and doggie snacks such as journeys out to farms to see her favourite pets or animals and also supplying her a sticker data that your woman could have hamster stickers pertaining to whenever your woman eats a complete meal and cleans her plate, nevertheless whenever your woman doesn’t consume a meal eliminate the stickers and tell her that “hammy the hamster isn’t happy” having teddy’s to aid her target.

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