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Alice Walker’s _Everyday use_ can be described as story in regards to a mother and her two daughters, Dee and Margaret. Mama, the narrator, with the story offers us a fantastic description of both daughters by demonstrating their different strong points and weak spot. Dee and Maggie will be as distinct as night and day but Mama love them both. Dee the older daughter is very beautiful, independent, confident, and knowledgeable but the girl with also conceited, selfish and self concentrated. Maggie however, is unfounded and unattractive with burn up scars on her face arm and lower leg leading to her having a low self esteem and being shy.

Mama, a great African American can be described as strong hard-working, independent, uneducated, and self satisfactory woman whom despite all of these great features still have a low self esteem and lacks self esteem.

Mama for being an independent girl, describes their self as ” a large, big-boned woman with rough, man-working hands ” ( Walker 104). Spending so much time in every impression of the word. She worked well hard to give her girl the chance anytime that the lady never had.

Just one mother whom works hard to take care of her family, and took up the responsibility as head of the family members. Mama will be able to work throughout the day regardless of the weather condition and she ” can kill and clean a hog while mercilessly being a man”(walker 104). But aside from her physical strength, in addition, she show mental toughness. A huge black girl with a heart as big as her profile as well as the work values of an ox. She got the strength of a man and could go man’s task, and she takes pride in the practical part of her lifestyle.

Mama the moment growing up, had couple of civil liberties as a coloured person. The girl mentioned that ” after second level, the school was closed down”(Walker 105), also because of this the girl with not well-informed and are unable to read. Even so her lack of education and refinement would not prevent her from having an inherent understanding of her heritage based on her love and respect for individuals who came before her. This is certainly clear by her capacity to associate bits of fabric in two stops with the people whose outfits they have been lower from. A female whose formal education was cut brief in 1927 right after the girl achieved the second grade education, apparently appreciated her little girl’s brilliance and ambitiousness by simply raising money, with the help of their church to send her to varsity in Augusta.

Mama allowed Dee to get whatever she wished that Mother could find the money for because of her academic intelligence. She explains that ” Dee needed nice things…. black sends to match an environmentally friendly suit she would made from an old suit someone gave me”(walker 105). Mom allows Dee to take the green fit given to her by someone and that was probably Mother best attire given that Dee knew what style was. But Dee always wanted more to the extent that Mama “fought off of the temptation to shake her”(walker 105).

As opposed to her daughter Dee, Mom lacks self confidence and self confidence. She states that ” who can possibly imagine me personally looking an unfamiliar white man in the eyes? “(104); usually taking the protecting posture of flight and avoiding the white person as much as possible. The female knew her place, and this she wasn’t able to rub shoulder blades with white-colored folks. Furthermore Mama seems self conscious about her appearance because the girl knows that Dee will not say yes to. Sometimes, the female dreams ” … We am just how my girl would want me personally to be: a hundred pounds lighter weight, my epidermis like an uncooked barley hot cake (Walker 104). Mama dreams that Dee will love her for who have she is, and appreciate her all she would done to make certain that she attain her desired goals.

Dee however never displays any kind of gratitude to her mom. Mama in the process of being a good mother with her daughters can be unknowingly tendency to her child Maggie in support of Dee. This was because Dee had the looks and brains and, thus had potentials to achieve success in life. The girl sometimes fantasy that Dee will take hold of her with thanks and like and value her traditions. She appears to avoid conflicts of any type. This the moment Dee comes and announces that her name is no longer Dee yet Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo, Mom put up tiny fight in regards to a family brand that has been that passes the generation.

Mama is actually a dynamic persona in the tale. Throughout the whole story Mama pretty much acts like a pacifist. never planning to start any risk or put her feet down regarding anything. The girl comes to a realization of Dee’s superficiality and Maggie’s profound knowledge of heritage. Maggie is so much like Mother and not someone to fight for nearly anything was willing to let Dee take the duvet that The female had guaranteed her as being a wedding gift, and this same quilt Dee had when refused to consider to college. Dee complains that ” Maggie can’t love these quilts… she’d probably be backward enough to put these to everyday use”(Walker 110).

Dee will rather hang those to decorate her apartment. Seeing the selfish, egotistical nature of Dee still present after all these kinds of years, often wanting but not willing to provide; Mama proves that ” I did something I never did before: hugged Maggie to my opinion, then pulled her about into the area, snatched the quilts away of Miss Wangero’s hands and dumped them about Maggie’s lap”(Walker 110-111). The female decides that Maggie justifies the quilt because history is liked and respected through everyday use. Alice Master opens the reader eyes to find out that it is very important to accept each of our heritage and appreciate it. Each of our heritage can be part of who we are.

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