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Beginning of the idea can be followed back to the situation every student is confronted with at any significant level of education including 10th, 12th and graduation. Most of the learners are completely unaware regarding the variety of fields available for pursuing profession in to. The choice of career is mostly governed by marks 1 scores inside the qualifying examination like tenth. High rating students almost always go to scientific research field, although those subsequent in line are advised to pursue career in commerce field and remaining allegedly incapable learners have to choose arts field. Moreover, following 12th exam, science college students mainly go for medical or perhaps engineering graduation, ignoring additional available areas of expertise.

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Similarly, commerce students finish up choosing both CA or CS which can be well-known areas of expertise. The situation intended for arts pupils is even abysmal. As a result, we have an engineering graduate who has to forget about his ability to color marvellous images, the condition resulting in to loss of a potential painter and frustration on the part of students. The support that we plan to provide can simply be stated as profession counselling to get aspiring prospects.

But the range of the quest is not limited to merely guiding students to set up career choices but to understand the prospect as a person, consider his family background and then providing him with the most suitable options. Uniqueness in the idea is easily apparent in the situation that at least in Pune urban area, no this sort of service is provided that has such a large scope and which dedicatedly revolves around students. A well-known Marathi actor Dr . Shriram Lagoo correctly depicts the problem all of us intend to talk about.

He examined medicine in B. T. Medical College Pune, visited Mumbai for being an ENT surgeon and even practiced treatments for quite some time. Not before long, he ventured out to do what he had always wished for to, cinema. The case can’t be dismissed by saying it was an isolated sensation in 1970s, we all still have a large number of a pupils who have to choose from among the founded career alternatives simply because of friends and family pressure or maybe because they are not really aware of several branches that exist.

Second is actually associated with the misconception that besides doctor and engineer, no person is ever able to earn income and value in the world. These two desired professions still attract a big share of students even today. A candidate is expected to blindly follow his parents’ actions completely ignoring and at moments even curbing his potential and likes and dislikes.

It is the birth-right of any student to be aware of about hitherto ignored choices like GIS/RS, Oceanography, UPSC/MPSC, Defence, Geology, and different courses available in premium acadamies like TISS, IGIDR, IIFT etc . After any American indian scientist is victorious a Nobel Prize, many people are on the entrance to compliment him however the euphoria is usually not viewed to get converted into large number of vestibule in the basic science classes. The number of engineering colleges and students choosing this occupation is growing at an exponential rate even when there seems to be a situation of vividness in jobs for technicians whereas on the other hand premier study institutes just like IISC, CCMB and BARC are hungry for influx of new talent.

Decision of profession choice is often influenced by a person, an in depth relative or a friend, whose opinion is usually valued over and above reason and which in turn aggravates the problem. With so many pupils opting for supervision courses in post-graduate level, we are confronted with another problem area. The existing training classes which aid students to crack the entrance exams and the colleges which the pupils get entry in to, have zero established mechanism to guide them while seeking the specialization.

At this point, the need to pick the best branch from among Marketing, HR, Financial, Systems, Functions and Foreign Business can not be overemphasised since this is the job students would end up doing for the rest of his life. To address the aforementioned problem, we propose to determine a student guidance centre with the aim to become the hub of career coaching and personality development. The facilities now available fail to serve these requirements of the learners.

We can provide thorough counselling to the pupil which includes skills and psychometric tests, comprehensive profiling, initial guidance and expert guidance for him along with his guardians. Herein, trainees will be furnished with various profession options tailored to his requires. He will become suggested a few add-on courses which he can enrol directly into in order to gain the competitive edge over the additional students. We all will practice to enrich him through suggestion of good browsing material including books, papers and publications, membership of libraries. We will also present him with the options of language schools both in India and abroad.

Candidate can also be assisted with obtaining educational loans, if required. To get MBA teachers, special assistance will be provided by informing him about the many job profiles he can go with within each area of specialization. SSC exams for the eight categories in Maharashtra were held in March this coming year.

A total of 1203463 learners out of 1439180 learners appeared include passed the SSC Panel Exams held in March 2010. In Pune board, 228229 candidates authorized for the exam, of which 227691 appeared and 203166 passed the exam while using passing percentage of 89. 23. In HSC tests, a total of 1146899 clean students made an appearance and the overall passing percentage of the HSC examination can be 76.

36%. In Pune division, a total of 181040 students signed up for test of which 179275 appeared and 145746 individuals passed test with the transferring percentage of 81. 30. The potential industry size could grow by at least 10% if the number of college students enrolled in CBSE and ICSE boards and night schools is considered.

Add the number of college students appearing pertaining to MBA entry exams, that gives us a staggering target market with huge potential to tap. We look forward to give the service inside the Pune division to begin with, which still offers us a substantial market with number of potential candidates flying around (203166 + 145746) 348912. Narrowing down the number of students actually visiting the centers to 1% of the total, we are still left with a extensive number of four thousand students while our principal customers.

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