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The National Museum of the Philippine is the standard repository established in 1901 as a natural background ethnography museum of the Philippines. Some of the historical artifacts, instruments, and other issues came from Philippine ancestors. One of the things that are renewed here was the Spolarium 1884 a Countrywide Cultural Cherish by Juan Luna.

Nationwide Museum contains a very important role in our nation to preserve the items we have from your past. Nationwide Museum provides people information about the things we all learned from the school specifically for the students.

Countrywide Museum from the Philippines must improve the position, the areas within the museum and also other information inside. It is because this museum is among the major destinations in Manila and also in the Philippines.

Increasing or growing the surrounding and several areas of Countrywide Museum will assist the country to achieve more vacationers because of the interest of the visitor to know more about the history invisible from the past in the Philippines. This art gallery will help the tourist to provide importance in the culture of the Philippines include.

This part represents the setting of the examine about the developing plan of National Museum of the Philippines.


Countrywide Museum from the Philippines is among the major destinations here in Manila. Its photo inside and out of doors of the art gallery must entice more international and local travelers. Also, this attraction is going to benefit the students from their studies in reputations and other topics like savoir.

Nowadays, the city of Manila was beginning to develop its image to further improve its support for the tourists and attract even more people to visit thisplace. Some people suddenly acquired forgotten its treasure within the museum. Just few people visit this place and some of this is pupils. People today don’t appreciate its splendor and think it was a boring attraction on their behalf. People generally seek several adventurous place to visit and make them pleased in their getaway. But the Nationwide Museum in the Philippines generate some situations and show to expose the items inside the museum. They also meet new technology and the euphoric pleasures came from the folks in this time.

The planners gather some data regarding the things that must be develop inside and outside the museum. Organizers think of some ideas how to prevent their decline opportunity to cater the Philippines to be a one of the cherish attraction in Manila. A number of the recommendation and plans can help the people who also handled the museum to implement and develop the museum.

This kind of paper is targeted on the producing plan inside and outside with the Philippine Countrywide Museum. It deals in the idea to preserve and appeal to more people or tourist to know more about the historic and treasured place in Manila and all above the Philippines.


This can be a current picture of The Countrywide Museum from the Philippines. Nationwide Museum is a repository and guardian with the Philippines’ all-natural and ethnic heritage. Among the lead government cultural organizations, it is requested to achieve the desired goals of instilling cultural awareness and a feeling of pride and nationalism among Filipino people through their activities within the sciences, education and culture. Established in 1901 as an ethnography and natural background museum, and subsequently housed in its present building that was designed in 1918 by the American Architect, Daniel Burnham, the National Art gallery has since then broadened it is concerns in the arts and sciences. Today, it occupies the main building (former Older Congress Building) where the disciplines, natural sciences and other support divisions are housed and the adjacent former Finance building in the Agrifina Circle of Rizal Playground now called The National Museum of the Filipino Persons where the Anthropology and Archaeology Divisions.

The Vision Affirmation of the Nationwide Museum is definitely “A Philippine nation, unified by a deep sense of pride inside their common id, cultural heritage and normal patrimony and imbibed together with the spirit of nationalism and strong dedication to the protection and upkeep of their heritage. 

The National Museum has a tri-dimensional goal covering up diverse areas of knowledge through various educational, scientific and cultural actions. As a great educational establishment, the National Museum disseminates scientific and technical understanding in more understandable and functional forms through lectures, displays, interviews, and publications for individuals and the average person. As clinical institution, the National Art gallery conducts basic research programs combining integrated lab and discipline work in anthropology and archaeology, geology and paleontology, botany and zoology. It keeps reference collections on these kinds of disciplines and promotes scientific development in the Philippines. As being a cultural center, the Countrywide Museum features taken the lead inside the study and preservation in the nation’s abundant artistic, ancient and social heritage in the reconstruction and rebuilding of our nation’s earlier and venerating the great those who helped inside the building housed.

One of the artifacts that Nationwide Museum features is the “Spolarium which is within a Latin word referring to the basement with the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and about to die gladiators will be dumped and devoid of their very own worldly belongings. It is the best oil-on-canvas painting by Juan Luna, a Filipino educated at the Instituto de Dise?o y Cuadro (Philippines) with the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain. With a size of 4. twenty-two meters times 7. 675 meters, it’s the largest piece of art in the Korea. A historic painting, it was made by Vitrina in 1884 as a great entry for the prestigious Muestra de Bellas Artes (Madrid Art Annotation, May 1884) and eventually received for him the Initially Gold Medal.

In 1886, it was sold to the Diputación Provincial de Barcelona pertaining to 20, 1000 pesetas. This currently weighs in the main gallery at the beginning of the Countrywide Museum with the Philippines, and is also the initially work of art thatgreets visitors after entry in the museum.


1 . What is the promotional strategy of Philippine National Art gallery as one of the holiday attraction in Manila?

2 . How can the host community may help the Philippine National Museum in preserving their tourist arrival?

3. How exactly does a foreign traveler will help the Philippine Nationwide Museum in preserving and improving the Museum?

4. Is the existing circumstance of Philippine National Art gallery is enough to increase tourists?

5. What are the other tourism development opportunities in Philippine National Museum?


1 . To know the promotional technique of Filipino National Museum as one of the tourist attraction in Manila.

2 . To learn how the web host community will assist the Philippine National Art gallery in preserving their visitor arrival.

3. To learn how regional tourists will help the Filipino National Museum in conserving and increasing the Museum.

four. To know if the existing scenario of Philippine National Museum is enough to enhance tourists.

5. To be aware of what are the other tourism development chances in Filipino National Art gallery.



I. Travel Issues and Development Options

Resources Feature Issues

Travel and leisure Development Chances

Tourism Creation Constraints


Disseminating more information about what the Philippine Countrywide Museum can provide some rewards to our nation.

The campaign of this fascination can give the museum to attract more travelers to go in this article and to keep up with the nature with the museum. It will also help the art gallery to maintain the product quality they give to all visitor going to them

In current circumstance of the museum, there is constant renovation. So the media won’t be able to easily offer any information regarding the programs of the museum. Only if the museum currently done in redesigning the can easily promote the museum quickly.


The museum will assist you to tell a history of the Korea. It includes the culture, artistry and historic materials inside the museum.

It will eventually give additional information to all tourists coming in the museum about the history and other special things and occasions from the previous of the Philippines.

Some of the tourist, visitor and other traveler need an excursion kind of head to. Some of the visitors did not gratify what a museum give to them.


The maintenance of the composition, other services inside the Philippine National Museum and other appeal around the museum.

Beautiful attraction can entice more guests especially if the structure of the building inside and out of doors is good enough to satisfy the particular tourist should know about the museum.

The Philippine National Museum is usually ongoing renovation and structure in some region. But it will assist the art gallery to attract more tourists following your renovation.






Philippine Countrywide Museum is within Manila simply.

It is going to benefit students for their travels or discipline trip.

It will help intended for the researches and other things that are required in collecting the data regarding the Thailand.

There is always a traffic or congestion within the area.

Only few-people know about the info about the museum. A number of the travelers will not like to visits museums

Some tourist was not interested about what the Philippine Nationwide Museum have

Some city tour range from the Filipino National Art gallery.

Task opportunities for those workers of tourism managing. Increase volume of tourist coming in the Korea.

Enhance number of visitor n Manila.

Worsening the traffic concerns in Manila.

Competition in other local tourist interest.

Unstable weather condition.

Quality in the new repair of the building.


TARGET: To help the Philippine Countrywide Museum in having a exceptional tactic in promoting their Museum. OBJECTIVES: To know the advertising strategy of Philippine Nationwide Museum as one of the tourist attraction in Manila.

GOAL: To share with local community about the feasible effect in their lifestyle. AIMS: To know how the host community will help the Philippine Nationwide Museum in sustaining all their tourist entrance.

GOAL: To determine that local tourists can provide sufficient funds or support to preserve also to improve the museum. OBJECTIVES: To find out how community tourists may help the Filipino National Museum in conserving and improving the Museum. ACTIONS STEP


1 . A fare in each people who find themselves arriving in the museum.


2 . Provide a learning trip for all students in awareness about museums.

Government and Number

GOAL: To encourage govt in improving the Filipino National Art gallery. OBJECTIVES: To find out if the existing situation of Philippine Nationwide Museum is sufficient to increase visitors. ACTIONS STEP


1 . To renovate the museum.


installment payments on your Provide a enough fund in upgrading the facilities with the museum. Federal government

GOAL: Offer Job options.

TARGETS: To know what are the various other tourism creation opportunities in Philippine Countrywide Museum. ACTIONS STEP


1 . Permit the museum to have tour guides, even more security associate. Government

2 . To market as one of the best museum and catch the attention of more traveler here in the Philippines. Authorities

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