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The article “Welcoming a New Generation to College: The Millennial Students, ” simply by Elam, Stratton, and Gibson (2007) details an overview of the current era of pre-college and school age learners, and furthermore gives their unique qualities and challenges to study. Beginning with a summary of the topic and then ongoing about the of the generations’ developments, like the G. We. generation, the Silent technology, the Increase generation, as well as the Generation X in the fields of behavior, focused on studying and learning, the article details the positive and negative benefits of the Millennial Generation.

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It is known that the most new generation to enroll in schools is the Millennial Generation. These types of youths and the process of developing up with a large focus on confident qualities will be described, however included are the challenges of the new generation on educators, counselors, and administrators in high schools and universities, also as a result of effects of the students’ nearness to their parents. The Millennial Parents and their detailed effective support towards the students enjoy an immense role in the children’s educational experience, in line with the article.

The communicating with the fogeys is referred to, focused on entrance strategies, that are considered significant by the creators of the article. It is stated that parents expect to be involved in most administrative operations, including the rights to kids education data. Furthermore, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Take action (FERPA), analysis law, is usually described which usually transfers to the student when he or she reaches age 18 years. The article in that case defines some of the term “Millennial Students” in order to describe great and unfavorable results from the generation. Inside the article, Millennial Students are then described according to Howe and Strauss (2000) as (1) conventionally encouraged, (2) organised rule enthusiasts, (3) shielded and sheltered, (4) supportive and group oriented, and (5) gifted achievers (Elam, Stratton, and Gibson, 2007, p. 25). Following this, every definition is precisely and properly described and lastly, the students will be characterized since confident and optimistic regarding their options contracts, still finishing that not every students will be successful.

This last level is defined as getting very relevant: Students, and also parents, could possibly be quick to claim unfairness particularly when dealing with entrance counselors. It really is hence asked from advisors to “nurture their “can-do” attitudes, civic-minded proclivities and empathic worries in hopes they might ultimately cause large-scale societal improvements. ” (Elam, Stratton, and Gibson, 2007, l. 25) The consequence is the fact universities and colleges reevaluate strategies to recruit students by various qualifications. It is stated that further study in second and post-secondary education is required regarding goals of this era. The creators conclude that the generation requires influence educating, learning, and career advice at secondary school and collegiate levels, which in turn officers may want to review and value work to support relationships with Millennial Students and their parents. Final this article, it is suggested that all depends upon those counseling and guidance the students to make sure they accomplish their education toward their very own goal of self-fulfillment so that as direct and accessible as it can be.


Elam, C., Stratton, Capital t., & Gibson, D. (2007, Spring). Inviting a new era to college: The Millennial learners. Journal of College Admission, 195, 20-25. Gathered from


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