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Family Dynamics, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Arthritis, Mood Disorders

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Sunil’s determination to return implies that this strategy was successful. As a therapist, I would not really judge Sunil and will allow him to direct the first phases in the process. Instead of immediately sampling into the damage he had skilled after his wife’s decline, for example , I might allow Sunil to talk about what might seem just like rather small grievances attached to his quick living circumstance. Sometimes speaking about external, mundane circumstances can be a conduit to exploring to deeper concerns; moreover, it is not my place as a specialist to judge what is ‘most significant’ or insignificant.

ESSAY some: Bronfenbrenner’s (1976, 1988) description

On the microsystem of Sunil’s immediate emotional conflict, through talk therapy and perhaps use in the future of some antidepressants (depending about Sunil’s emotions about the usage of medication), Sunil’s mood disorder may be remedied. The mesosystem of coping with family conflicts may require installing Sunil with an increase of effective methods to cope with the conflicts among his kids or a family-wide therapy period to create a better integrated and responsive family structure. The exosystem of larger social awareness needs an understanding of the therapist’s part of how not all cultures will be equally supporting of therapy and that many cultures support a more patriarchal dynamic than is satisfactory in the west or would be acceptable to Sunil’s larger relatives. A non-judgmental, culturally delicate approach during all specific family situations is required.

Finally, a macrosystem-level approach demands that the specialist work to create a family powerful and living situation which is acceptable to any or all persons living in Sunil’s home, based upon the latest economic and social stresses that often keep older adults in the care of younger children, which include directing Sunil to support groupings or recommending other activities for him. The overall desire transform is to allow Sunil to function in a confident and energized fashion, given his current life limits, and build a fresh life in america. The friends and family must also manage to function as they will normally do, but reconstitutes the dynamic so that Sunil feels an element of the family, rather than peripheral to it is existence.


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