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SWOT Examination


1 ) Strong Budget of L & G

installment payments on your Brand Devotion

a few. High Quality Items

4. Well known company

your five. Availability of Goods in Different Sizes

6th. Large Network for Division

7. Consumer Trust


1 . Good competition with clinic occulting light

installment payments on your Lagging at the rear of Clinic occulting light in terms of imaginative campaign several. Less popularity in countryside areas beat urban areas in India four. Higher value than other brands makes it much less popular with lower income classes Prospect

1 . Include a Great Opportunity in Fresh developing areas of India.

2 . Consumer habit towards manufacturer loyalty

3. Substantial Rates of Imported Shampoos

some. Increase in the Shampoo consumption due to recognition

your five. Heavy purchase in the study of Shampoo or conditioner Threats

1 ) High Competition in Indian Market

2 . Threats from fresh entrants

3. Threats from lots other options open to consumers

1 ) Strong Financial position of S & G

2 . Brand Loyalty

3. High Quality Items

4. Popular brand

5. Availability of Products in various Sizes

6. Large Network for Distribution

7. Buyer Trust

1 . CLEAR has partnered together with the world’s leading dermatologists through the International Senior high of Dermatology (IACD) to get the very first patented scalp nutrient technology “New OBVIOUS with Nutrium 10 to its buyers 2 .

Available in your five different alternatives for different types of frizzy hair needs several. Clear company available in over 14 countries worldwide

5. Clear may be the only manufacturer that offers specially formulated Anti dandruff hair shampoo for men 5. Celebrity brand ambassadors and good marketing

Weak point

1 ) Dominance simply in the anti-dandruff shampoo segment, no variations available for usual shampoo use 2 . Multiple re-brandings over time ” Center Special to Clinic Occulting light to ‘Clear’ at present. Can create dilemma about the brand name between consumers. three or more. Low market share even in the anti-dandruff hair shampoo segment when compared with competitors like Head & Shoulders Prospect

1 . To help align itself for the international quality standards this coming year Clinic Occulting light has been re-launched this year because Clear 2 . Introduction of Anti Dermititis Hair Essential oil that fights dandruff and strengthens frizzy hair from scalp, as a brand file format Threats

1 . Highly competitive market having many players with similar offerings and cheaper costs 2 . P&G wrote to the Advertising Criteria Council of India, which usually sought a reply from HUL regarding an advertisement of Clear acting Bipasha Basu which had a muted reference to Head & Shoulders in the advertisement


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