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UBS is a globally financial institution which is the second greatest in The european union and the largest private riches asset administrator in the world. They likewise have branches in 50 countries all around the world.


  • Geographically diversified businesses
  • Strong market position.
  • Strong Capital Adequacy Proportion
  • Weaknesses

  • Reduction in net income fascination
  • Waning revenue and comes back
  • Poor performance in Switzerland
  • Opportunities

  • Lucrative asset managing industry
  • Developing investment financial industry
  • Risks

  • Consolidation in the financial services market
  • Changes in restrictions
  • you SWOT Research Strengths

  • As mentioned above UBS is within fifty countries within America, Europe and Asia. Above 40% in the group’s total annual revenues will be derived from it is branches abroad (UBS, 2012). This is a sign of the group’s global variation in terms of businesses.
  • UBS is the planet’s largest riches manager as well as the second most significant bank within just Europe. Additionally , it is the leading retail and commercial financial institution in Swiss. These among many other marketplace factors enable UBS to get a competitive advantage above its rivals in various market segments by leveraging its leading position.
  • The bank includes a CET1 capital adequacy percentage of more than 11% as compared to that observed in their particular competitors. In addition , this proportion exceeds the global average that was collection at 8%. This is an appealing ratio because it shows the group’s ability to meet their goals every time a crisis happens.
  • Weaknesses

  • The net income interest of the group has been lessening for the past number of years. This demonstrates there is a declination in the earnings of the group’s assets, which usually earn interest. In addition , this kind of also shows that a few operations will be curbed by simply inefficiencies.
  • Since 06\ UBS has additionally noticed an important decline in their net income. This is due to the fall in the interest margins and reduced revenues. The returns typically assets also have declined below the industry’s typical, which at present is at 1 . 21%.
  • UBS has additionally noticed and recorded poor performances the past few years in Swiss which is their home country and this could have worse effects later on.
  • Opportunities

  • In 2010, the asset managing industry manage to grow by simply 7. 8% globally which is equivalent to 52, 706 billion dollars dollars. This kind of figure is expected to continue rising. By purchasing this sector, UBS should be able to expand its profitability and operations.
  • The purchase banking sector has also been by using an upward craze for the past decade. Considering that UBS AG has a division of expense banking that contributes above 43% of its total revenue in order to this part, it is likely to relish some significant benefits in the event that they handle this opportunity right.
  • Threats

  • The past few years many finance institutions especially more compact ones tend to consolidate and merge and this can little by little lead inside the formation of very strong competition.
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