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Excellent poets weak point for symbols. So says Tom Wingfield, narrator and major character in Tn Williams amazing play The Glass Menagerie. Through the eyes of Mary, the audience gets a look into the existence of his family inside the pre-war depressive disorder era, his mother, a southern superbe desperately adhering to the previous, his sibling, a young female too vulnerable to function in society, and himself, a struggling fresh poet doing work at a warehouse to pay the bills. Williams, through his remarkable usage of symbols, can effectively express the concept of the The Goblet Menagerie: Those of hopeful aspirations followed by inescapable disappointment, having dreams which are destroyed by the harsh facts of the world.

Symbols are a major part of this play, as Jeff, the narrator, is a poet person, and confesses he has a weakness for symbols. One major mark presented inside the story is that of the fire avoid, a symbol which has a different which means and function for each character. Pertaining to Tom, it is just a means of avoid from fireplace, not the sort of fire that was deemed in its building, but the slower and implacable fires of human paralyzing desparation. This is especially true of Toms condo. His mom, devastated following her little girl Lauras inability to cope running a business college, turns into obsessed with locating her a gentleman mystery caller so that the girl can get married to and be well supported. Once this unknown caller finally comes, and it looks like it was intended to be, as they boogie and kiss, he makes announcement he is employed, and dashes their desires. The ever-fragile Laura, temporarily drawn out of her dream-world shell of her a glass collection as well as the victrola, attracts further back to herself. Now a terrible paralyzing desparation fills the apartment, and Tom determines he must escape the suffocating environment to adhere to his individual calling. The fireplace escape to him presents a way to the outside world. To get Laura, the fireplace escape is exactly the oppositea path to the safe globe inside, a world in which your woman can cover. Especially representational is Lauras fall once descending things to do a job for her mother, after going out of the security in the apartment. This fall signifies Lauras inability to function in society and the outside globe. For Amanda, the fire escape is emblematic of her hopes and dreamshopes and dreams that the gentleman mystery caller will arrive to marry her daughter and leave her well supported. Now that is correct Jim comes into the house, at the time once Amandas hopes have been peaked. It is emblematic that Laura does not need to open the door when John arrives. It shows her reluctance to let an charge from the associated with reality, symbolized by Jim, invade the cozy non-existence with the apartment, and her insecurity in dealing with attackers.

Another recurring symbol in the story is that of the goblet menagerie alone. This presents Lauras oversensitive nature and fragility. The very first time the menagerie is mentioned in any details in a representational manner is usually when Mary and Amanda have a heated discussion near the start of the play. Ben ends this by contacting Amanda a great ugly babbling old witch, and challenges to put his jacket about, intent on leaving. When he cannot position the coat upon properly, he becomes frustrated with his clumsiness, and flings it across the table, breaking a number of the glass collection. Laura cries out like wounded. This shows just how fragile Laura really is, and how she responds when your small stability of her apartment is definitely shifted. Williams also makes the use of this kind of symbol obvious on stage. When Amanda sits down to talk about Lauras foreseeable future with Jeff, the tale Laura shows up on display screen, and the music that commences playing is The Glass Menagerie. The most visible use of this symbol comes at the level of the account, when John is kept alone with Laura. The conversation becomes to Lauras glass collection, when your woman remarks goblet is a thing you have to conserve of., again showing her frailty. More parallels are attracted between Laura and the goblet collection with the introduction of the unicorn. Jim says Cute little fellow, he must feel

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