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Intro Ocean Playground is considered like a major interest in Hong Kong, the lustrous pearl with the Orient and known as the financial center of Southeast China. It is found on the south end of Hk Island. The larger two parts are located around the headlands of Mount Nanlang, while the more compact section is located in the Huang Zhu Keng Valley lowlands. It is considered as one of the greatest ocean on the globe, having a place of 170 miles (2008). Organizations change and organizations compete for the same resource, competencies as well as consumers.

It is the cruel fact that must certainly not be neglected by virtually any management, as a result the approach as well as tactical management must not be neglected as being a vital important part of what managers perform ( 2002, ). This kind of paper is going to focus on the strategic management process of the Ocean Playground of Hk towards all their foreigner or tourists consumers, particularly those mainland China. It will initial tackle the main points about the Ocean Recreation area.

Second, it will examine the exterior environment like the economic and culture feature that can impact the relationship with the organization with their possible international customers or perhaps tourists.

Furthermore, it will focus on the internal environment of the corporation such as the core proficiency, together with its strengths and weaknesses. Water Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong is known as as one of the most important amusement recreation area in Hong Kong, and even in the world. Opened in January 1977 as the country’s unique local playground with the heritage of providing family, thrilling fond remembrances, it was selected by the people of the nation as their best favorite scenic spot in the area in 2006 ( 2007).

It was as well ranked by simply on 06 1, 2006 as the 7th top among the ten most popular amusement parks in the world (China Travel Glowing Route 2007). Ocean Area combines the elements of entertainment, education and conservation within their services. It really is consists of half a dozen main areas which are: Lowland Gardens, Kid’s World, Underwater Land, Headland Rides, Experience Land and Bird Heaven ( 2007). Furthermore, provides all of the guests with memorable education, while impressive life long learning and preservation involvement.

Additionally, it focuses on preserving a healthy monetary status, and will be offering the guests a diverse range of activities at competitive prices. It exists pertaining to the benefits of the population and strives in order to offer the highest standard of protection, animal attention, products along with guest services (Ocean Area Hong Kong 2008). The Marine Park of Hong Kong is definitely part of the developing global industry of leisure park in the world, as well as part of the tourism industry. The organization is definitely focuses in global industry, and taking advantage of the enhancing tourism industry of the country, targeting all their tourists, regardless of their age.

The primary goal of Hong Kong Marine Park shall be the world innovator in rendering excellent customer experiences in a theme park environment that attaches people with the type (Ocean Recreation area Hong Kong 2008). The park is currently going through a massive expansion to be completed in 2010. Nevertheless , there will simply no rides being closed throughout the said period (2008). External Environments of Ocean Playground PEST Analysis |Political Element | | | | Individual Vacationing scheme of China; | | | | Campaign of Free Travel of Cina; | | | | Improving relationship between Hong Kong and China.

| |Economic Analysis | | | | Development and growth of the Global Amusement Area Industry; | | | | Increasing number of landmass Chinese visitors. | | | | | |Social Aspect | | | | Key Events and Influences; | | | | Photo and Publicity. | | | |Technological Analysis | | | | Internet; | | | | Development of the amusement equipment industry. | | | | | Figure 1 PEST Evaluation Hong Kong Water Park Political Analysis Personal factors possess a direct influence on the relationship of Ocean Area Hong Kong, to their foreign consumers or visitors.

One of the most important factors that are connected with amusement recreation area industry of the country is a easiness from the restrictions and promotion in the free travel of China in the year 2003 that helped to provide a new life to the travel industry of Hong Kong (2004). The stated improving relationship between China and tiawan and Hk, can influence the relationship of Ocean Area to their overseas customers, specially the Chinese visitors, largest part of the country’s visitors ( 2007).

The growing financial clout, as well as the success of the Individual Visit Plan results to the increase focus of the entire industry toward China and the most of the players will give attention to catering towards the greater selection of budget types but throughout the entire travel industry ( 2008). Financial Analysis Locally and internationally, different web based being affected by the various economic elements. In terms of the country, the development and growth of the whole tourism sector influence the performance with the entire leisure park industry.

The number of Chinese language visitors in the country increased from 13. 1% more than a decade ago to twenty-seven. 1% it happened in 1999 in 3 years ago, of all visitors ( 1999). There are total of 12. 9 million tourists that came to the region, and more than 50% than it arrived coming from mainland Chinese suppliers ( 2006). Ocean Area Hong Kong confirmed an increase in tourists coming from mainland China within the last few years. The mainlanders from the 45% of all the visitors of Ocean Playground, having a substantial attendance of 2. 2 mil, showing an increase of 70 percent from 2003 ( 2008).

Social Examination The entire travel and leisure industry, specially the industry of amusement park of the country is being affected by major events and impacts. This can be observed during the top season just like Chinese New Year and University holidays that enables each and every player of the market to gain much more than 50% of total presence ( 2008). It is also crucial to consider distinct media landscapes. This is due to the reality it can influence or impact of the overseas customers relating to visiting the place.

Furthermore similar and advertising is important, that’s the reason why it is necessary for different theme parks to take part in several events in the country in order to showcase the culture and history of Hk to their guests. Technological Examination The Internet has increasingly become a popular medium for advertising customer relationship. This is due to the fact that the Internet may offer a great connection with huge and immeasurable feasible market. This is important because the sector, primarily Ocean Park Hk is focusing on its marriage to its global market.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider the improvement and development of the amusement machines industry. Industry Analysis Five Forces Evaluation Figure a couple of Five Pushes Analysis of Ocean Recreation area (Hong Kong Amusement Park) | | |Competitive Rivalry within the Industry | |(High) | | | |Threat | |of | |New Entrants | | | |(High) | | | |Bargaining electrical power | |of customers | |(Medium) | | | |Bargaining power | |of | |suppliers | |(Low) | | | |Threat | |of | |Substitutes | |(Low) |.

|Threat of New Admittance | | Expensive to enter the sector | | There is a big need for knowledge | | High primary investments and fixed costs | | Cost advantages of the present players as a result of experience competition effects of operation | |Competitive Rivalry | | There are few players of about similar size | | | | There is not much difference between the players as well as goods, hence, there may be much value competition | | | |Buyer Electricity | | The products and services are very important to the customers | | The product is usually differentiated and cannot be change by substitutes | | |.

|Supplier Power | | Industry is completely outclassed by fragmented source of supply | | Similar product or service | |Threat of Substitute | | Brand loyalty of customers | | Not any direct substitute | | | Danger of New Access The menace of new traders refers the possibility that the profits of established firms in the individual industry can be eroded by simply new opponents. In terms of the amusement park industry, the entry buffer is excessive due to the need to invest massive amount financial resources ( 2004). Typically it varies from 50 dollars million to $3 billion dollars, depending on the actual state marketplace.

In addition to that entertainment park required over 55 acres of land for a full size development; different can use 10, 000 to 30, 000 miles ( 2006). The explained factor is important because Hk has a high land cost real state market This is also connected to the reality the location in the amusement area is a very essential aspect. Threat of Rivalry Rivalry among the existing competitors takes the form of process of jockeying for the position. Firms usually implement different tactics like price competition, advertising fights, product introductions as well as elevated customer providers ( 2005 ).

It is vital to consider the lack of difference, that is why the customers’ decision based greatly over the price and support, thus triggers pressure pertaining to the intense price and services competition ( 2004). This is observe in the amusement park industry in the country, due to high risk of rivalry, different players are employing different programs and activities such as reconstruction and launch of new sights in order to fascinate the customers. Danger of Replacement All businesses within a offered industry take on an industry that produces the substitute products and services.

Substitutes limit the potential returns of an sector by the means of placing a threshold on the prices of the companies in the offered industry can profitably fee ( 2004). In the industry, the threat of substitution is actually low because the main replacement for the product is definitely other facets of leisure and tourism industry such as sport and casino industry. However, because of the demand for the leisure park sector as well as the growing number of Chinese language tourists, the industry is not that affected.

Menace of Suppliers Suppliers can exert a bargaining electrical power over participants in an sector by frightening to raise prices or even reduce the quality of purchased goods and services ( 2004, ). In the matter of the industry, the suppliers doesn’t have very much power due to improving and growing sector of the leisure equipment market, that enables the technology exchange between the diverse local and international players particularly in China ( 2007).

In addition to that, the airline industry, which is considered as the principal supplier of visitors for the company is usually facing effect of competition as well as the developing demand for affordable travel plans. Buyer Electrical power The buyer or the visitors and tourists have a medium or below average influence in the industry because the product and service from the industry is important for the purchasers. This is due to the reality amusement is recognized as as part of need for every relatives in Hk, as well as the mainland China market. Furthermore, the said market cannot be changed by different substitute.

Competitor Analysis Disneyland Disneyland exposed in September 2005 and had helped to reposition the region as a top destination for households. On the opening time, it had collection a record of sixteen, 000 tourists, and one-half of it happen to be from the landmass China. Completely maintained the 13, 500 to 18, 000 common visitors (cited in 2006). The main advantage of the company is that it keeps the name of the Disney which is popular in the world with regards to entertainment. Furthermore, it goals the children, therefore the whole family due to different voyages and attractions that targets different famous Disney heroes.

This can help the corporation to attract even more visitors or tourists from different portion of the globe, particularly those who are in the US and Europe. However, the main disadvantage is that the majority of the mainland China doesn’t have all those strong attachments with Mickey and friends and other Disney characters ( 2006). The said elements are important to get the company because most of the guests of the region come from mainland China. Wetland Park Wetland Park is actually a conservation, education and travel and leisure facility that is located with the northern element of in Yuen Long.

It can be compromises of 10, 500 square m large visitor centre, Wetland Interactive Globe and a 60-hectare Wetland Reserve The main advantage of Wetland Park is that it offers a different type of service out-do Disneyland and Ocean Area. The main mission of the business is to foster public understanding and understanding regarding the beliefs of wetlands throughout the East Asian Region. The guests will be presented a chance to go through the wildlife based on a animals that will allow them to to be close with nature and observe different family pets in the surrounding (cited in 200).

On the other hand, the organization will never be able to fill our nees of those visitors or visitors that are looking for excitements and severe pleasure that may be experienced in several rides and parts in Disneyland and Ocean Recreation area. Internal Conditions of Water Park SWOT Analysis Figure 3 SWOT Analysis Hk Ocean Recreation area |Strength | | | | Provides hybrid service from enjoyment, animals, thrilling education; | | More experience and has immediate and solid relationship with all the tourists; | | Figure out their customers. |

|Weaknesses | | | | Location; | | Lack of solid financial support and backup | | Old services | |Opportunities | | | | Individual Traveling Scheme of China; | | Boost relationship of China and Hong Kong; | | Advertising Support through the local government; | | Net. | |Threat | | | | Renovation and improvement from the close competitor, Disneyland; | | Global financial trouble | Durability The main advantages of Hk Ocean Recreation area focuses on their very own offering of hybrid of thrills, pets or animals, fun and education to their tourists, more specifically all those mainland Chinese visitors (2007).

The main benefits or durability of the company is that that enables to fulfill the ethnic aspects of different people from distinct part of the earth, particularly the mainland Chinese guests that are not that familiar with diverse Disney heroes. This can be observed in the different services and top features of the company that incorporated education with joy. Above all, the benefit of Hong Kong is the fact it is considered as the earliest amusement playground in the country; therefore , it can be considered as experienced and knows the demands and tendencies of the mainland Chinese tourists.

Furthermore, it had become successful due to its connection to the neighborhood government that helped them to have a subway range for the visitors ( 2007). This permits the organization to have the foreign visitors, particularly those coming from mainland, whom are selling price sensitive, in order to save their money for other high-class, thus helping them to save time in journeying. Weaknesses However, the main disadvantage of Hong Kong Ocean Park is usually their composition of geographic location.

This is due to the fact that they may have the restriction regarding the area development since the location can be hilly. Furthermore, the organization is definitely facing deficiency of strong economic support and backup, for this reason , the organization is responsible for their own cash flow and operation cost. Furthermore, because of the fact that Ocean Recreation area is considered since oldest amusement park in Hong Kong, you will discover different services that are old and un-attractive, although the corporation is already starting their creativity process, it would take some time but it will surely be accomplished after six years.

Opportunities The main opportunity in the company concentrates on the Individual Traveling scheme of China, in addition to the improving romantic relationship of the nation to the mainland China, that had helped to improve the quantity of the site visitors in the country. In addition , the strong economy in Mainland as well as the improving midsection class while using purchasing electric power helped to improve the demand for the telephone travel. Furthermore, the organization also has a strong promoting support through the local government that recommends the Ocean Area to the tourists.

It is also crucial to consider the development of new transport South Isle Line that could cause comfort and quickly access direct to the Park for the foreign and local guests. The Internet is usually another aspect; this is due to the fact that it can help the corporation to connect to a vast range of possible clients or guests. Above all, the expansion and improvement of the leisure machinery industry can also effects the services and features of the corporation, thus all their relationship for their foreign visitors. Danger.

One of the dangers that must be regarded by the organization is the renovation plan with the Disneyland Hong Kong that can help the said corporation to get back their past position available in the market. Particularly, it will also cause demand for the organization from the other foreigners, specifically those coming from America and Europe. On the other hand, it is also important to focus on a global financial crisis that is going on, which could affect the visiting behavior and purchasing behavior of the tourists. Competitive Advantage Determine 4 Competitive Advantage Model of Hong Kong Water Park | | |Image | |And | |Reputation |.

|Target the traditions of the landmass Chinese and Use the global environmental consciousness | |Length of procedure and support | | | |Cost Advantage | |and | |Differentiation Advantage | | | | | |Good Customer Marriage | Core Competency The core competency of the business is the duration of its procedure and service both to the locals and foreign visitors in the country that give the organization the information regarding the likes, dislikes and also the flow and trends in the behavior from the customers. Furthermore, cultural element is also key point, primarily with their growing mainland Chinese guests.

Furthermore, it also helps the corporation to capture the interest of different visitors coming from different section of the globe, mainly those from your US and Europe, that are looking for new and native experience regarding the country. Competitive Advantage Every time a given organizations maintain its income that exceed the average for its industry, the firm has been said to have a competitive advantage against its rival. This can be seen in the current placement of Hong Kong Ocean Area, over the direct competition, which is the Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Ocean Park is definitely using the expense advantage, in which in it offers cheaper solution that costs HK$208 for mature and HK$103 for children, out-do HK$295 pertaining to adult and HK$210 every child of Hong Kong Disneyland. In addition to that, Hk Ocean Area acquired a great location out-do Disneyland, since it is nearer o the main urban districts. Moreover, Hong Kong Water Park also provides a difference advantage because it is considered as greater than the Hk Disneyland, therefore enabling the first corporation to offer more and new features and shows compared to the second organization.

It also provide different features and services out-do its competitors primarily the Disneyland, as it focuses on exhibiting the reality about the nature, while Disneyland targets fantasy. Real Resources The reputation of the organization is it is most important concrete resource. Finally, reputations have got economic value to the firm because it will probably be difficult to replicate. Rivals are not able to simply duplicate the unique features and elaborate process that produced those reputations ( 1996).

The truth that the organization features educational aspects about the environment, gives it a status that is near nature. This is very important because of the developing awareness of the world regarding the several natural and environmental difficulty, primarily around the world. Value Creation The primary competency in the organization provides it with both edge and disadvantage. Advantage, because it helped these to know more about the behavior and culture of their diverse local and foreign visitors.

Furthermore, it also permits the company to create an image that is certainly considered as probably the most important aspect in gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. However, it gives the organization the disadvantage because some part of the facilities and features of the corporation are considered while old, in addition to great need for renovation, however , due to financial aspect as well as effort that must be exerted, it may need some time to be able to come up with the ever changing require of the foreign visitors for entertainment and amusement.

On the other hand, the competitive benefit of the company which usually focuses on the price advantage and differentiation advantage is the result of the continuous effort with the organization within their relationship with all the customers and their ongoing effort in process of research and development. Conclusion As of now, Hong Kong Sea Park is definitely experiencing an appropriate position inside the entire entertainment industry, as well as the entire tourism industry of the country.

It is crucial to consider that the stated organization is known as as best or the majority of loved leisure park simply by local and foreign visitors, regardless of the fact that it has the Disneyland, a very visible and good player in the global industry of entertainment park. Primarily, the main reason behind the success of the business is because of the support in the government of Hong Kong and mainland China that can be seen in the different community facilities that are to be implemented simple access in the said place, as well as the execution of the Individual Tourist of China.

The company had been able to use the issue of culture in order to attract even more locals and also foreign visitors, and also its using the current pass on of the environmental awareness, which enables the corporation to incorporate education and joy in their features and providers. That is the reason for what reason it is often visited by families via different area of the globe. Furthermore, the organization have been able to create two important competitive benefits which focuses on the cost and differentiation.

It had been able to offer cheap but fun-packed experience. However it is also essential for the company to carry on its creativity and tactical management to make sure that it is going to continue it is competitive border against the competitor. This is due to the fact that Disneyland is currently into renovation process, in order to regain their competitive position available in the market. Read more: http://ivythesis. typepad. com/term_paper_topics/2009/01/strategic-management-process-ocean-park-hong-kong-2. html#ixzz1IvETYIob.


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