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Prone Population

Workplace Violence, Assumptive Framework, Physician Assistant, Health professional To Sufferer Ratio

Excerpt from Composition:

Tak, S., Sweeney, M., Alterman, T., Souverain, S., Calvert, G. (2010). Workplace Approaches on Medical Assistants in U. T. Nursing Homes: A Multilevel Examination. American Diary of Public Health October 100 (10): 1938-1945.

This particular matter provokes my interest because it considers possibly risk into a population that usually is closely supervised to make certain they do not instill damage to weak populations. Looking at the potential for injury to nurses is a crucial consideration because of the anticipated embrace the amounts of persons to be hospitalized later on. These analysts appear competent to carry out this analysis as their educational training offers exposed them to engage in this level of evaluation and discussion. All of the research workers have obtained terminal degrees and Masters Degrees. All but among the researchers provides a Master of Public Health signifies that they have used many of the concepts and assumptive framework reviewed in the daily news.

The problem layed out in this analyze is the inevitable risk of attack inflicted by simply nursing home residents after nursing assistants. The purpose of this kind of research is to distinguish risk factors for problems for nursing assistants. The factors were regarded at the individual and the company levels. The authors indicated that because of the dearth info pertaining to the characteristics of agencies that are associated with violence at work this type of examine was necessary. The problem was clearly recognized. The experts stated the situation as follows: “Nursing assistants are in high risk of injury via violent attack at work, and their risk is higher than that of various other health care employees. “

The region is important to analyze because it extends the knowledge within an area of nursing that is the two under made the theory and looked into. More specifically it really is looking at violent behavior that results in injuries to nursing assistants in nursing homes and not on wards. Consequently the goal of the study was going to identify the danger factors linked to violent traumas on nursing jobs assistants. This is certainly highly relevant to a career in nursing because of the role nursing assistant’s play in the care of patients. It absolutely was also relevant because these types of injuries weaken the working circumstances and play a role in staff leaving the establishments. Additionally , because the experts expressed the advantages of nursing staff in the future raises as a direct result of the rise in life expectations.

The research issue was not especially identified by the authors plus the reader can be left to conjure what that question may be. From your structure from the article it could be possible to conclude that the issue the research desired to answer is usually: what are the and organizational factors that influence the kinds of physical injuries sustained by nursing co-workers? One of the obvious features of the job was the useful operationalization of physical injury as human attacks. The creators surmised that such an activity would be challenging to forget and therefore should be reported with higher reliability.

The literature review was limited and focused on injuries to nurses in general and some of the boosts in nursing jobs assistants. Almost all of the sources utilized for the review consisted of major research. The oldest study was taken on in the year 2003 and the most current was 2008. The use of the resources left the reader wondering in the event that something was missing in terms of identifying literature that may possess be qualitative in character that could put useful circumstance to the examine (Creswell 1994).

The experts did not stipulate a theoretical framework that guided the study. They mentioned a number of detailed studies that assisted understand the magnitude of the issue. Explanatory studies that would have assisted theoretically testing weren’t presented by researchers. In the absence of a statement in the theoretical framework the reader struggles to appropriately assess the fit among theory and design of the research. The dimension of the parameters and their conceptual definitions are also difficult to determine because the target audience is certainly not told in the theory interested by the investigator.

The study employed data that was accumulated from two different resources, the

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