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Inside the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul made many choices, both negative and positive, and most of times Paul’s alternatives ended with negative benefits. For example during the awards ceremony for the Lake Windsor Downs senior high school football team, Tino and Victor beat up Erik (Erik is Paul’s older brother) and Arthur Bauer ( Erik’s best friend). Right when Arthur and Erik got beat up, the sports team and the football trainers tried to get Tino and Victor and when that occurred Paul jumped on a mentor to help them go away.

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When Paul attacked the coach having been later removed from Tangerine Middle Institution. Also once Paul was hiding within the bleachers when ever Luis Johnson confronted Erik and Arthur, Paul didn’t speak up and stop the fight just before it commenced and the battle caused an aneurism which in turn ultimately murdered Luis Cruceta. After Luis Cruz perished Paul experienced guilty as they knew this individual could’ve avoided his fatality. Paul has additionally made good choices that experienced good results. A good choice Paul manufactured was playing soccer intended for Tangerine Midsection School.

It affected Paul because he manufactured many close friends on the team. Another good decision was standing to his older brother Erik. All of Paul’s life he previously been frightened of his close friend but as the novel progressed, Paul’s courage began to build. Near the end of the book Paul recognized Erik and Arthur were losers and that only their own choices might only have an effect on them. Paul finally stood up to them and that produced Erik and Arthur realize that Paul wasn’t scared.

One significant decision Paul manufactured was if he stood about Erik and Arthur. Industry when Arthur and Erik were stating, “You’re gonna pay for what happened tonight” (Page 261), and Arthur kept repeating whatever Erik said and Paul got fed up and said, ” Can occur Erik let’s see if that you can do any better with me than you performed with Tino”(Page261). After that Paul said you killed Luis Cruz and Erik acquired angry criticized the football bat on a lawn, and hit Arthur’s car.

Paul manufactured the choice because he realized Arthur and Erik were merely thugs who also acted just like tough folks and that Paul was just tired of all of them acting that way so he got exhausted by their take action and stood up to those to show them he wasn’t scared of them ever again. Another significant choice of Paul was he required he arrive at go to Tangerine Middle College. He made the selection when his family i visited a mass meeting after having a sinkhole demolished Lake Windsor Downs Midsection School. Paul demanded he have to go to Tangerine Middle School and enjoy for their team.

Paul produced his mom feel guilty when he stated, “Mom, you ruined my life at Pond Windsor Central when you turned in that IEP. This is your chance to un-ruin it”. (Pg. 94) Paul sensed that he deserved to get his way due to IEP having been kicked off of the Lake Windsor soccer team. His parents talked about it and ultimately agreed to permit Paul have got what he wanted and he got to go to Tangerine Middle School so this individual could play on their soccer team. Paul’s a reaction to the choice being made was this individual felt which the heavens had opened up to get him because he finally got what he wanted.

An optimistic choice Paul made was he decided to help save the Cruz family’s trees throughout the big freeze. The choice was performed because Paul wanted to ensure that the Cruz relatives because we were holding his good friends. Paul got hurt his friendship with Tino Cruceta with a earlier choice that resulted in Medida getting in trouble.

When he offered to help, Tino’s brother asked Paul for what reason he was assisting. Paul explained, “Because we’re all Conflict Eagles”, discussing his and Tinos’ soccer team. (Page218) This affected Paul by rebuilding his camaraderie with Tino. Paul built many choices over the novel, several choices were good plus some were bad, but either way every decision had some type of effect on Paul. If Paul had chosen to step in when ever Luis involved to deal with Erik, Luis wouldn’t possess died.

Paul did have good intentions but this individual just didn’t have the courage to do the proper thing. Paul has made many selections throughout the book. Paul grown up throughout the new and discovered from his choices and gained bravery.

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