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Mister. Chairman, Honorable Proprietor and Headmaster, Mister. Commissioner known staff members, co-aspirants, fellow college students, ladies and gentlemen, My spouse and i greet you all It is observed by simply me recently, that there are various problems, which will arise working day in day out. I do not really wish to get this entire issue known, since they give me personally an ill-feeling when I refer to them.

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Nevertheless, for the sake of my manifesto, Let me give a case of a scenario as an example. Easily seated female and gentlemen, Imagine yourself being a teacher, you have only given the which you had been marking, or perhaps you are busily compiling the examination outcomes. As you continue your task, one son runs under your control and says “Sir, this boy has hit myself with a ball” The guy is wanting you to keep your work and go and administer rights to his said trouble maker.

In the event that you where to be that teacher, what is going to your effect towards the concern be? I actually do not assume you would leave your work to attend to that issue; such problems should be still left into the hands of the prefects. One of this kind of prefects who also play a major role in the school is a boys’ prefect.

This is the reason why I wish to take up this responsibility demanding location. Ladies and gentlemen, the voting is within your control and it is your own decision. I i am appealing to you all to vote for ………………….. as your boys’ prefect, so that when this kind of school gets a change of your lifetime, with the blare of a trumpet, everyone can say that anything has took place out of the doldrums.

Once again, listen to the cry of your simple servant …………………, vying to get the post of the excessive office in the senior prefect of this very humble institution. How to my dear juniors who’ve been in a express of melancholy for too long a time because of ill-treatments and injustice meted out to them…

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