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Technology is becoming used excessively every day. Kids dedicate all their period on their telephone or playing video games. With new innovative developments coming out each week, people want to be the first to own your “new thing”. There should be 1 hour a day where one has to participate in actions that do not really involve technology to prevent overweight. I believe each of the new technology contribute to the planet’s obesity challenges. Most people thought obesity was due to the advent of “super-sized” take out but fresh research places the blame squarely on a double dose of innovation Adults and kids equally spend several amount of time sitting down to watch tv set or looking up interesting subject matter on the computer.

Research workers now suggest that 60 percent of the extra pounds Americans have got put on could be caused by a decline in the physical demands of brought about by the arrival of computers etc. All this time spent sitting down and not getting physically active is usually harmful to their health.

As new way of doing something is made each day, why have not someone invented something that encourages the mind and also keeps the entire body in shape? Both adults and children are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles thanks to modern technology. Children no longer require outside to talk to their friends when they can keep up with these people through sending text messages or social networks. They do not actually need to go outside to play online games anymore when they have video games right there for their convenience. Technology may be convenient, however it must be well balanced with physical activity in order to keep both equally ourselves and our children healthy. In previous decades, intense jobs meant that workers were in effect paid to workout. Now staff with more non-active jobs pay to work out at the gym. It is this lack of exercise, rather than an increase in calorie consumption, that has triggered the extra weight, they say, which can be no longer music to the hearing of the ALL OF US fast-food businesses as they are now facing law suits from a lot of litigious fatties.

Research has shown that an normal 6ft-tall gentleman today weighs 30 pounds more than he did in the early 1900’s. Some parents have been counting on technology while “electric babysitters” including the television and computer system. Parents find out where the youngster is if they can be watching television or sitting in front of the computer screen. Is it doesn’t parents responsibility to incorporate actions that entail exercise if they want to use these methods which includes Wii in shape, or Dance Dance Revolution. Kids might also get the sense that it is alright to watch television all day or continuously use the computer if they see their parent doing likewise. Just a few tiny changes will make the difference among bad habits that are likely to result in obesity, and good practices that they will carry with all of them for life.

Parents must understand that our children happen to be our long term, and as such, they may have the responsibility to show them good habits to handle with all their lives. The government ought to pass a law in which a time period everyday is not really used on technology, or if it is, used in way to where you are exercising. This may give persons time to work out or make a move productive with the life. Rather than bragging regarding making it to level 31 on zombies, kids can say that they learned the difference from a toxic plant and an edible plant. Customers are becoming as well lazy and reliant in technology.


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