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Pregnant state

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Research from Dissertation:

Therefore , the issue of teenage pregnant state needs attention. All countries, especially ought to work more seriously in its ethical code that teenagers should wait until adulthood in order to begin sexual relations with their associates. Teenagers demands guidance that their teenage life in this competitive universe should be spent in learning, getting fully civil and not tossing themselves in sexuality, pregnant state and motherhood issues, which are too early to allow them to handle and manage.


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Annotated Bibliography

Annie, At the 1999. Teenager childbearing in America’s most significant cities. Casey Foundation. www.aecf.org/kidscount/childbear/cb-printer.htm.

This article featured the changes of birth rate in different towns of USA. It presented clear and brief great information showing the record data pertaining to the period of five years. The central reason for the article was going to find out the moment and so why teens engage in sex. This post helped in knowing the distinct conditions, which encourage the teenager to accomplish sex, and ways whereby the rate of teenage pregnancy can be decreased.

Kirby, D 2002. The effect of educational institutions and college programs upon adolescent lovemaking behavior. Record of Sexual Research, 39(1).

This article explored the part of universities in lowering the intimate risk-taking attitude of youths by centering on the fact that children spent large a part of their child years in school. The study proved the schools may help in prevent the sexual risk taking tendencies in youngsters. The article also gave a good review of the number of school-based programs that can help in decreasing the teen pregnancy rate.

Kirby, D., Coyle, E., Gould, L. B 2001. Manifestations of poverty and birthrates amongst young young adults in California zip code areas. Family Planning Viewpoints, 33(2).

This kind of study as opposed the relationship of various demographic variables like education, poverty and low earnings with the young pregnancies. The authors targeted that these demographic variables perform an important function in the increasing teenage pregnancy. This article offered good advice about the role of demographics in teenage pregnancy by exhibiting results of a giant sample of various communities.

National School Panels Association. (1999). Curricular courses to curb teen pregnancy. School Plank News, 18(8).

This is a report that defined the suggestions given in a conference for preventing the young pregnancy. The report pointed out the different kinds of teenagers which might be at risky of getting pregnant. The report was not incredibly lengthy but it did provide good recommendations about protecting against teenage being pregnant given by the different experts.

O’Sullivan, L. N., Meyer-Bahlburg, L. F. M., Watkins, W. X 2001. Mother-daughter connection about sexual intercourse among downtown African-American and Latino households.

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This study is founded on the mother-daughter relationship and communication with one another on the issues that provide intimate information. The analysis provided good information concerning how this relationship is in charge of teenage pregnant state and what you can do

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