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Excerpt via Term Newspaper:

Telecommuting Business Pitch

This pitch outlines the creation of a pilot telecommuting program pertaining to XYZ Accounting, an accounting firm situated in Los Angeles. The pilot plan will involve eight accountants who’ve been working full-time with the company for at least 2 years. In the primary four-month evaluation period, the chosen employees will work for two days at the office and three days at home.

Info from other firms which have used similar applications show that telecommuting leads to higher member of staff productivity fewer absenteeism, and fewer employee turnover. Furthermore, businesses have discovered that telecommuting can increase recruitment, increase organizational overall flexibility, boost worker morale and save on cost to do business expenses. This proposed four-month pilot telecommuting program is usually expected to make the same results intended for XYZ Accounting.

Benefits of telecommuting.

By the yr 2004, the Department of Labor quotes that almost a quarter with the American staff will use telecommuting. To date, a large number of businesses possess instituted telecommuting programs, including Fortune 500 companies, like ATT, Compaq and APPLE (Greer et al. ).

In general, these types of firms observed tremendous advantages from their telecommuting programs. There was an increase in worker productivity, since employees spent less “downtime” (such because sitting in traffic) and were less vulnerable to absenteeism. The effort was unaffected by climate disturbances or perhaps traffic, and international companies appreciated the employees’ capability to work around time zones. The firms as well report that telecommuting options were very attractive to fresh recruits, allowing them to hire and maintain the best and brightest workers (Greer ainsi que al. ).

Telecommuting for XYZ. XYZ is a medium-sized business, with 30 a lot of the time employees and an addition of about 10 seasons employees during tax time. The five employees selected for the telecommuting preliminary program will be full-time accountancy firm who have been with XYZ for at least two years and have received steady positive assessments.

The telecommuters will work in the home for three times a week and come into any office for two days. The office times are important, as some operate cannot be carried out at home and fostering a feeling of community between employees is very important. However , the scheduled office days will be staggered, to ensure that two employees will be able to utilize same office or cubicle on several days.

The first thing is finding a consultant to lay the info technology foot work to allow for telecommuting. Such solutions are fairly simple and require a connecting of computer system networks in the jobsite to the home.

Pursuing the recommendation of the Journal of Accounting, the CPAs whom work at home will be provided with the required office products. This includes a second phone, voice mail, a computer, a printer

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