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The playwright, Tn Williams, enables the main character types in

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the plays A Streetcar Named Desire and The A glass Menagerie to have

gloomy lives which they try to reject and later modify. The downfall and

denial from the Southern gentlewoman is a common topic in both plays.

The character types, Blanche coming from A. S. N. Deb. and Amanda from T. G. Meters., are excellent

samples of this concept. Both equally Blanche and Amanda have experienced many

struggles inside their lives and go through more through out the remaining of

the plays. The problem is that Williams hardly ever lets both women work

through and move on from these types of problems. The 2 ladies should

destroy themselves and he encourages us to watch them in the process(Stine

and Marowski 474). The downfall, denial, and need to change of the two

women is fairly evident during these two plays.

Initially the difficulties of Blanche and Amanda need to be known.

Blanche hides her drinking problem so well the moment she occurs and sneaks a

shot of whiskey (William A Streetcar Named Desire, Scene1. Page 18.

Lines 12-17) that when the girl with later offered a drink, the lady acts as although she

has no idea where they help keep them (Williams, A. T. N. D. 1 . nineteen. 12-15). Amanda

cannot accept that no men callers happen to be coming to get Laura, herdaughter

as a result making it more difficult for Laura to accept it (Williams, The Goblet Menagerie

1 . twenty eight. 1-5). Blanche and Amanda both do not let themselves to take

their very own problems and work all of them out. They deny these kinds of problems which usually feeds

them making them larger and much more complicated. The moment Stella presented

Blanche a second drink she mentioned, Ones my own limit. (Williams, A. S i9000. N. D.

1 . 21. 14-15) Blanche is very self-destructive (Hassan 326). The girl with her individual

worst enemy due to how your woman handles her problems. Amanda

feedback at the end with the play that Tom should not think about his poor

mother and sister really sarcastic approach (Williams, Capital t. G. M., 9. 114. 1-3). The lady

tries to push her problems off on him and not cope with them their self. By

pushing the rap off about Tom, she gets as though she did practically nothing wrong

and it is everybody elses mistake. If the two women got just approved that

they were responsible too and not everyone else they could have moved

in with their lives.

Both Blanche and Amandas biggest problem is that they deny the

truth. Blanche denies her drinking difficulty. She also forbids the fact that

the girl was a prostitute. She possibly made such an unbelievable brief review that

I take for granted that you still have sufficient memeory of Belle Reve to

discover this place and these poker players impossible to have with. (Williams

A. S. N. D., 4. 70. 1-3) She forbids that the lady ever sunk lower than Stella when in

truth, she was much more serious. She was the one who shed her purpose of sleeping

with a seventeen year old and was started out of the area for being a slut

by the mayor. She had the gall to lecture Stella onto her choice of males.

You cant have forgotten that much of our up bringing, Stella artois lager, that you

just guess that any element of a men in his mother nature! (Williams

A. H. N. M., 4. 71. 13-18) Blanche speaks to Stella like it is definitely

awful that she married Stanley, of all people, when your woman slept with more

people than the girl could even keep in mind. She displays the perform as I state, not as I actually

perform philosophy while though to start with, Stella is definitely not even aware of her sisters

previous. Amanda on the other hand, just reduces poor Lauras self-esteem and

confidence more than that already is by bragging about how precisely she had

seventeen gentlemen callers over one particular evening when she was Lauras age.

Amanda also refers to her husbands leaving her and her childeren as, he

became adoringly obsessed with long miles (Williams, Big t. G. M., 1 . 23. 28). The lady sannot

admit the truth that he only left these people. She simply cannot even confess to himself

that Laura is usually crippled, she only identifies her while different. Likewise, when

Amanda looks back in her previous, she has a tendency to only bear in mind the good

things that happened. This lady has blocked your things that she did not

appreciate and provides exaggerated earlier times to an magnitude. At 1 point in the play

she boasts about her seventeen guys callers Jeff, her boy, asked her

just how she enertained them in which she response that they acquired very

interesting interactions because in her day time, they recognized the art of

conversation (Williams, T. G. M., 1 ) 26. 6-8). She without research flaunts her

teenage popularity looking at Laura who does be lucky to have 1 friend

at all, not to mention seventeen gentlemen callers in a single evening. The

conformity of the two womens similarities is uncanny. Both women have

so many challenges, yet they find approaches to forget the genuine problems and

gainsay their approach into not really dealing with them. As amount of time in the plays

improvement they begin to think more about them and realize what needs to be


Because both plays near their very own climaxes, the two women start to visit

terms with the real truth. That they need to change. But , because earlier mentioned

the playwright makes the market watch in horror as they only fail at their particular

tries to better themselves. Blanche says, Im going to do something.

Get hold of myself and help to make myself a new life! (Williams, A. T. N. G.

eleven. 65. 1-3) She is required to face the truth when the lady and Mitch, a man your woman

went on a couple times with, talk about her previous marriage (Williams, A. H. N. M.

6th. 95. 26-30) and what became of her hubby (Williams, A. S. And. D., 6th. 96. 11-

14). Mitch even looks her if he finds out about her extremely tainted past

he tells her that the girl lied to him. The lady replies that she hardly ever lied to him in

her heart (Williams, A. S i9000. N. G., 9. 119. 1-4). That was not good enough

though, she never regains the trust of Mitch. To make things worse, he

explains to her he wants wishes what this individual deserved every along, sexual. Blanches just

optimism happiness is definitely blown away by things that happened in her previous.

She actually is later raped by Stanley, her siblings husband, but is not even assumed

the moment she tells people. Amanda decides that Laura will most likely never

recieve virtually any gentleman callers on her individual and the girl asks Tom to bring

someone brand name dinner intended for Laura. He ends up buying Lauras

high school smash, Jim, which will terribly embarasses Laura. Amanda wants

the best for her childeren but once again, issues dont exercise. Jim turns

to be able to be very sweet and kind to Laura but he can also involved to another

girl. Amandas good initiatives have awful outcomes. Laura is emaciated and

Tom makes a decision to follow in his fathers footsteps and keep.

Amanda is not only disappointed in her efforts to get a husband

for her self conscious crippled daughter but can be, in every approach, deleted with a

elementary and pressing modernity which neither recognizes nor

respects her dream of gentility. (Krutch 326)

Both girls are kept in shambles at the ends of the plays.

In conclusion, Blanche Dubois and Amanda Wingfield live parallel

comes from the plays A Streetcar Named Desire and The Goblet Menagerie. Equally

women live sad lives because of the a large number of hard aiming times they have

been through. It has been declared that they are the same because they will both

show attempts of a woman to keep a grasp on her elegant earlier (Stine and

Marowski 456). Both equally women don’t succeed. Blanche eventually ends up being

taken to a mental institutionand Amanda is definitely left to handle her sons

departing and her daughters broken heart. By comparisons mentioned

we are able to now identify the analogus characteristics and lives of Blanche and

Amanda. Tennessee Williams wrote very similar plays in the aspect of

common designs. A Streetcar Named Desire and The Cup Menagerie had been

extremely disturbing plays due to the sadness of the lives of personas Blanche

and Amanda, thus demonstrating the issue of prevalent themes.

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