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Marketing and advertising

Through this assignment I am going to be looking at the roles of marketing in two contrasting companies, Tesco’s as well as the Oxfam. Petrol station is a multinational food string based in great britain and is the second largest dealer in the world following Wal Mart. On the other hand Oxfam is an international charity consisting of seventeen organisations which interact with associates and local areas throughout 90 countries in an attempt to help get rid of poverty, this is certainly a non-profit company since at the end of the day it truly is providing a assistance.

Marketing is definitely finding methods to provide goods and services to customers through marketing and advertising. Organizations create a list of promoting objectives where they aspire to achieve with a certain time goal. Promoting objectives will be goals that happen to be set up by business once promoting usana products or service to customers. Tesco’s marketing aims are offering consumers the best value for money at the most competitive prices, they seek to focus on the customers simply by constantly seeking feedback upon service, merchandise quality and gathering viewpoints and they desire to operate closely with suppliers to enable them to build a strong relationship.

Alternatively Oxfam’s promoting objectives are to set fund-collecting targets to enable them to try and receive as much money as possible brought up so they can make sure they can help people in under developed countries, therefore they want to make certain they advertise in the right demographic to ensure that people is going to donate, you cannot find any point advertising and advertising the charitable organisation in a run-down area individuals aren’t very likely to have enough money to look after themselves and giving to charity. The two companies will vary marketing aims because they have different is aimed at the end of the day, Tesco’s primary aim should be to make a profit whilst Oxfam desires to make money like Tesco nevertheless the money to be used to help people by giving a service. While Tesco claim that they want to possess a good romantic relationship with suppliers Oxfam do not need00 that.

Tesco need a great relationship using their suppliers because they want all the products arriving at them to place on the shelves, Oxfam don’t need suppliers because they are a charity and in addition they only rely on the via shawls by hoda that people share with them. Marketing techniques happen to be ways in which a company and try to attract customers to arrive and buy their product or service. Igor Ansoff created the Ansoff Matrix which is one of the best well-known marketing methods around today. There are several marketing strategies to the Ansoff Matrix; market Penetration, productdevelopment, industry development and diversification. Market penetration can be described as percentage with the market that use a service or possibly a product, it is possible to increase your business by growing the quantity of customers in the modern market who may have purchased an item from you.

Application is every time a business grows a new products or services to full to existing customers so if your consumers bought a utensils set, they have the option to get extra consuming utensils or kitchen valuables. Market advancement is the third strategy in the Ansoff Matrix, this is when you expand where your system is sold, for example if you have a product or service which is simply retailing in the UK, as a organization you might decide to expand and sell in in the united states for example , the product hasn’t altered, it’s merely being sold in other places. The last web marketing strategy is diversity, this is when a small business brings out a fresh product into a new industry. There are 2 different ways in which this can happen, related diversification and unrelated variation.

In related diversification a product or service will create a product or service to a industry that it is previously familiar with or perhaps in the unrelated diversification case, the business may try and sell off a product to a market or perhaps an industry which they have never dealt with before. Personalisation is another marketing technique used my companies, this is when a business will endeavour and build a name and an image which people can easily associate with and remember, just like using different images and colours to attract people’s attention to make them remember the name. A business wants to try and stand out from other companies so by causing sure that their particular brand is usually recognisable will attract more persons. Once a organization builds a good customer base it may start charging high prices for its goods as it really should have a good reputation and individuals will be willing to pay a high price for the product they will know is good.

Also if perhaps someone will buy a product coming from a company and finds it is good quality and value, there is also a higher opportunity that they will purchase from that company again and in many cases consider getting another merchandise from that manufacturer. Relationship advertising is in which a business will certainly aim to retain a customer who may have been using their product for some time, to the business this consumer is very important as they have been completely using their company for a long time and haven’t relocated to any other competitors. A company’s aim is to try and retain a good customer base by making sure that the customer keeps having an interest in the commercial, if they will get a good customer base they will be capable of generate even more profit for thecompany.

Tesco use various marketing methods to attract customers to come and shop with all of them, such as romance marketing, Tesco’s have set up a clubcard scheme, this is when every time the consumer shops they scan all their clubcard and in addition they get a specific amount of items depending on the amount of money they have spent, when enough points have been accumulated the consumer can get bargains on products or special offers, by doing this buyers will be enthusiastic to spend a whole lot so they can gain more points, as a result this means more income for Tesco. This makes all of them stand out from the crowd because although additional shops offer this structure, they aren’t as famous as Tesco’s so it cause them to become standout, so it makes it one of a kind to Tesco and will make people more fascinated to shop presently there and find out more.

Aside from the clubcard Tesco have built strong brand awareness, this is through their brand and the motto that they work with. People relate blue, red and white colours using their brand and when their slogan ‘Every Tiny Helps’ is definitely mentioned a lot of people know that it can be Tesco’s. Tesco’s make their very own shop attracted to a wide demographic from young kids to elderly people and lower-working class to upper- the working class. It gets them all in the stores and then they may well end up buying a lot more compared to the item that they first arrived for.



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