The advantages and disadvantages of British rule Essay

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Advantages brought to India during regulation from the Uk, were through the East India Company, which were operate my Of india princes that were protected by the British. The East India Company founded many things pertaining to India including telegraph, train, and water sources systems.

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It also set up a large army named the sepoys to defend their interests and India’s edges. The Sepoys were commanded by the British officers and were maintained the devices of the English army. Even though the Indians taken advantage of from the United kingdom rule a large number of resented United kingdom rule.

The East India Company ensured that British colonist received most of the advantages from the new-technology and industrialization. Indian manufacturer workers and servants received very low wages. Farmers got very little pertaining to there harvest.

Indians cannot hold advanced positions. Educational institutions also educated English and Western tips and paid little attention to the very long history and advanced culture of India.

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