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medicine addiction and related behavioral problems evident in young children at general public schools. An organizational tendencies perspective may shed light on the complexities and methods to this problem. David Wood Elementary School can use some of the tools available from a Biblical perspective of organizational behavior to be able to help pupils like Adam. A Biblical perspective may parallel one of the “images of organization” that Morgan (2006) proposes, but particularly the “organizations as brains” model of learning and self-organization and the “organization as flux and transformation” image of “unfolding logics of change, ” (Morgan, 2006). Organizations just like schools have a problem with the types of improvements required to talk about James’ problems. The reasons why colleges may have trouble with change include the bureaucratic structure of the corporation and the political influences on its frontrunners. A Biblical perspective can inject new life and power into the leadership of schools, in order to generate long term changes designed to help almost all students.

Biblical principles include central tenets, including the fact that all people are made in God’s image, which usually requires that education provide towards religious goals (“The Christian Idea of Education, ” n. d. ). The tenets embedded inside the Bible happen to be relatively uncomplicated, and can affect the honest decision-making by simply teachers and school facilitators. Because college students like James are kids, the parents would be held liable and should take responsibility intended for the behavioral issues. Regrettably, many of the parents also experience tremendous challenges. Some are victims of mistreatment themselves, and several face economic strain or mental health concerns. Because of this, students like Adam are growing up in volatile environments which often not allow them to live up to all their full potential emotionally, socially, or academically.

A psychic perspective supplies the opportunity to picture solutions to James’ problems and similar problems that may be present in the community. While Whittington (2016) points out, a Biblical perspective of religious leadership is usually qualitatively several because the Holy book provides part models for effective alter. It is important to change the ways sessions are been able, and also replace the roles of teachers in classrooms. Teachers can use a Biblical zoom lens to understand their role in the organizational system. Biblical role versions from the two Old Testament and Fresh Testament will offer structure for the direction that new pedagogical and behavioral management approaches can follow. While some from the biblical techniques of discipline and social control will seem harsh or outmoded, they can nevertheless become instructional types, anecdotal types, and allegorical models.

The chapter on flux and transformation in Morgan (2006) demonstrates how organizations like David Woods Elementary may learn from James. Drug addiction and other behavioral

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