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Birling loves to display his riches and status to Gerald. You get a glance of this when he offers him cigars and port. Good port precisely the same port or if you father. Birling feels that he is in competition with Geralds father and wants to show that he can obtain the same or better than him. He tells Gerald in complete confidence when they are exclusively that he feels that Geralds mother thinks Sheila could learn better and stocks with Gerald the fact that he has received a hint or two that I might find my approach to the next Accolades List.

He then plays the title down by declaring just a knighthood, of course. As a result it makes him appear less below the already knighted Sir George Croft demonstrating that they will be on the more equal footing if he achieves his title, he makes him self appear so important currently that a knighthood is only anything small and not so important to him as he already sees him self as being so big and effective in his eye. Alcohol will be a major part of Birlings life and a symbol of affluence.

We find out a great deal about Birling fantastic obsessions with social status from the brief exchanges regarding port, at the beginning of the enjoy. He tries to impress Gerald by telling him that its the same port his father beverages and this individual obtains this from the same supplier, which usually underlines the truth that Birling discusses understanding Sir George Croft with others to exaggerate the very fact that this individual knows effect people. The Inspector the moment interrogating Birling creates a dramatic image to exaggerate the very fact that she is dead.

Then later on this individual tries to display Birling and he provides the same opinions and philosophy in these form of women to get Birling to talk like all of these ladies who get into different kinds of trouble the Inspector requires Birling first before the other people in the family, because he considers him as the head of the house. When the Inspector first appeared Birling thought that all he was searching for a search warrant because he was a Magistrate thus does not consider for a instant that there should be any trouble which will he would be engaged in.

This shows his social position particularly when he tells the Inspector I had been an representative for years and Lord Gran two years back and I am still around the Bench. Birling does not rely on the socialist view this individual thinks that everyone should certainly look out for themselves. We can’t let these Bernard Shaws and H. G Wells do each of the talking. In 1912 if the play was set, writers were talking about socialists opinions and opinions and Birling did not like this. He had really low views on the authors as he doesnt need to let these people tell persons what is proper.

Birling views himself being Upper Class because of his wealth but is probably still Middle Class because he is still operating and residing in a fairly large provincial house. He does not like people who are in lower classes such as Avoi Smith and also other factory staff in his employ. We can notify this as he doesnt include much compassion for Eva Smith following she has died. He displays no thoughts of misery, woe, anguish as he will not think this affects him. He just starts to attention later on in the play if he fears that this could impact his knighthood.

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