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The Dark-colored Balloon

Elissa Down’s film, “The Black Balloon”, implies that judgment and prejudice because of preconceived situations can have a negative and harmful effect on normal family lifestyle. Throughout the film, Down portrays the impacts that misjudgment can have on a family. This is demonstrated by the malicious neighborhood the Mullison’s reside in. Additionally , the negative inference that come via judging a person’s own family pointed out, which are mostly shown by Thomas’s have a problem with his sibling Charlie. Down’s movie shows the fragileness of one popularity. Jackie is definitely the guidance that Thomas needs to accept his brother.

Thomas is suffering from social exclusion and the prejudgment, due to his family’s dynamic. This has a substantial effect on Thomas social acknowledgement and happiness in his fresh community. Once entering the modern community the Mullison’s are confronted with the prejudice from your neighboring people. They get started having a bias view on the Mullison’s, the moment referring to Charlie as a “spastic”. The neighbors constantly keep distance and possess their deficiency of acceptance towards the Mullison’s because of their differences. Thomas experiences cruelty by his peers in his college. Down uses Mid-shots to show Thomas’s hysteria. This is proven when we have a mid-shot of his university peers and Thomas is standing by himself and is within the different consistent. This lights light within the harshness that his unaccepting peers. The Black Balloon depicts the task Thomas consistently faces via rejection based upon preconceived family dynamics due to his brother’s autism.

Throughout “The Black Balloon” Down shows the unfavorable implications that come from judging one’s own family. Thomas constantly has to have difficulties due to his lack of his embracing to Charlie. It is prevalent inside the film that Thomas wants “nothing” related to Charlie as well as for the majority of the film he wants he “wasn’t (his) brother”. Because of Thomas’ negative frame of mind towards Steve, this prospects him to be unhappy and bring on concerns of his own after himself. These issues are the poop smearing, birthday fight moments. Thomas tries to hide the very fact that Charlie is his brother. Which represents the and Thomas’ social existence and the combat to keep Charlie out of it. The Mullison’s consent to the fact the “it was hard at first” nevertheless once they recognized Charlie these people were happier and it was much easier to deal with Charlie. But the daddy of Thomas tells him “if an individual look after your own, you aren’t piss weak”. This has a strong impact on the group, where Down shows Thomas’s understanding and realization that is certainly unjust to never want Steve. Down also portrays the positive effects that can come from acknowledging one’s family members. This is displayed when Thomas is sharing a bath with Charlie and they are smiling and laughing. Nevertheless , the struggle to accept Steve was a risky, and required help by people near Thomas.

In ‘The Black Balloon, ‘ Down shows that the way to approval is tough and unjust, but occasionally the ability to recognize your very own flaws and the one’s around you need help by others. This theme is shown predominately when Jones is starting to embrace Charlie by the by using a Jackie. In the beginning, Thomas efforts to hide Charlie away from his school colleagues, shoving Charlie in his area hoping that they can would not see into Thomas’ real friends and family life. Nevertheless , inevitably his peers identify that Thomas has an “autistic” brother. Straight down uses the character of Wendy as a guide which instructs Thomas that Charlie’s “not gonna change”. In the middle of the film, Straight down shows a Jackie, Steve and Thomas traveling with an obstacle training course. This is accustomed to symbolize the interior struggle of all characters, but it really is widespread in Jones and his struggle to accept Steve. But the characters find their ways through the obstacle course just like Jones finding his love and responsibility intended for Charlie. Straight down also shows Thomas’s self improvement and maturity, through his birthday and age. Down uses this to show the group that Thomas is maturing and is to be able to accept Steve. The final picture of reconciliation between the two brothers shows how far Jones has psychologically experienced through the film, with close-ups displaying his conflicted feelings of nostalgia and discomfort. Contrarily to the mood of the film, it ends on a positive and heartwarming take note, Thomas finally has acknowledgement for his brother pertaining to who he is, with the support from others such as Wendy and this individual guidance and assistance.

The Black Balloon is exploring the impact of prejudice due to different family dynamics, and also the inner discord one can possess between protecting their own family, and getting socially recognized in their community. Furthermore, Down highlights the difficulties brought ahead from judging your family, Thomas looking nothing to do with Charlie puts tension on the whole family and leads to needless fighting. Despite this, Thomas learns to accept Charlie with the support from others.

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