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The brewery market belongs to the manufacture sector within the Nigerian Stock market ( This time, 2011 ). It goes back to over six decennaries with all the birth of the innovator organization, Nigerian Breweries in 1949 with of star greater beer, then Guinness Nigeria in 1962 with Guinness stout. Difficulties merchandises inside the brewery market are ale, stout and non-alcoholic beverages ( Corporate and business Nigeria, 2010/2011 ). Pertaining to the purpose of this newspaper, beer to be used to mean lager and stout.

The industry knowledgeable a roar in the seventiess due to the fledging oil industry and quickly increased via less than five n 1970 to over 31 by 80 ( Obot, 2000 ).

The possession of the residences in the industry will be either public or state-owned with or perhaps without international partnership. There are challenges of high operational costs due to adding, expert-skilled labor, care of machinery and instruments. These difficulties have bring about the final of alternatively a number of the small houses inside the early 1980s go forthing merely the top houses with strong financial base..

At present, there are 13 brewery ( Nigerian Personalized Service, 2011 ) corporations left with simply four detailed under the Nigerian Stock Exchange ( This Day, 2011 ).

The industry are at the adult life phase of its lifestyle rhythm but nonetheless remains one of many endeavoring sector in the Nigerian fabrication sector. It has a immediate employment of over 35, 000 causes and a great indirect employment of above 300, 1000 1000 makes as a consequence of the houses supplying item services for the industry ( Equity Research study, 2006 ).

Nigerian Breweries and Guinness Nigeria are the two key participants in the industry with. Nigerian Breweries taking market with approximately sixty five % industry portion although Guinness Nigeria follows with approximately 25 %. They equally enjoy financial systems of graduated desk and have good return on their investing ( Corporate Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

Analysiss of Macro-environmental elements

Every market is impacted by factors in the environment in which they function. These elements which they have no direct control of, may possibly impact efficiently or adversely on the sector. The factors used for this analysis happen to be Political, Economical, Social and Technology.


The Nigerian political background after independency in 1960 has been characterized by a collection of armed service and civilian authoritiess. The military government authorities had detrimentally affected the existent sector, an example was the prohibition placed on adding of barley, the natural stuff to get production of beer, by military government bodies of Buhari in 1987 ( Assurer A, Phillips-Howard, 1994 ). However the earlier 12 outdated ages of civilian specialists has observed comparative steadiness in most areas of the state aside from the jitteriness in the Niger Delta component, which has dwindled the state t rough oil gross. It truly is expected the fact that ongoing elections will successfully show within a new civilian authorities that will farther stabilise the municipal order and make an permitting environment that will pull foreign investors and excite the resuscitation from the existent sector ( Company Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).


Nigeria runs a various economic system which in turn encourages the co-existence of both the private sectors as well as the province in the market topographic stage. It is an appearing economic system with possible financial power presented the numerous resources. The state s economy is good varied along sectoral categorization with the oil sector accounting over 80 % of it is GDP, through rough oil export thereby doing their gross extremely susceptible to the vagaries from the tendencies in the international industry ( Corporate and business Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

The economic system can be supported by a really resilient and purely controlled fiscal system that has been through several reconstructs within the earlier decennary. Even though the exchange rate has been relatively stable before two older ages, participation rates have already been closely regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria whilst attempts to share rising rates rate listed below individual number has been elusive.

Other factors that have contributed to the rough economic clime in Nigeria happen to be deficiency of power and unequal substructure. The time between aged ages 2000 and 2010 has seen the final of more than 850 industries. Yet , with the tendency of addition in the manufacture GDP over the past old age ranges ( i actually. e. 08: 3. 6th %, 2009: 4. two % ), it is expected that a steady terrain goes on to draw investors in old ages to arrive ( Business Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).


Nigeria having its population of about 150 , 000, 000 is a huge potency market for investors. The state may be the 2nd greatest beer industry in Africa after S. africa. South Africa which has a population of 47. 9million harmonizing to 2007 record informations, has a beer consumption per capita of 50 hectoliters while Nigeria has 15 hectoliters every capita. Sector operators happen to be of the location that the bing houses capacity are non plenty to operate into the require of the marketplace, and there is therefore room for enlargement ( Momoh, 2009 ).

Nigeria is a different state with over two hundred fifity cultural groupings. The population in the state provides spiritual spread of Muslims ( 40 % ), Christians ( 40 % ) and autochthonal faiths ( a small portion ). The Muslims and Pentecostal Christians do not indulge in beer ingestion because of their spiritual beliefs ( Business Nigeria, 2010/2011 )

The above notwithstanding, beverage ingestion is still a social activity in Nigeria plus the sale of the trade very good has ongoing to increase by twelvemonth to year..


The brewery industry is incredibly capital ajouter. This makes up about the ground how come the possession construction will either be public and state-owned with/without foreign collaboration. The executive for the industry, reduce parts and expert professionals are not available in express and hence really dependent on forex trading. Guinness for illustration has Diego of Ireland as the foreign other half ( Trade Invest, 2009 ).

The prohibition upon importing of barley in 1987 necessitated the sector to settle for local replacing corn and sorghum as natural stuffs for its development. The end level works changeover to suit the newest natural products input-mix expense Nigerian Brewery a huge amount of 100million naira! ( Collateral Research study, 2006 ).

One of the main challenges facing the sector is the proper care of equipments and machinery. The participants dedicate immense monetary resources in engineering and ascents in order to stay competitory ( Equity Research study, 06\ ).

Evaluation of Market Competitiveness using Porter Five Forces

Industry fight is said to determined by dickering benefits of purchasers, benefits of providers, menaces of new opponents, menace of replacement merchandises and competition among existing houses. The profitableness of the industry is dependent upon these five Forces as they influence monetary values, costs and required investing ( Porter, 1985 ).

Dickering Power of Potential buyers

Buyers generate demand on the market and their negotiating power would stand for a solid competitory power if they have sufficient negotiating purchase to behave upon and have monetary value scholarships and other beneficial footings and conditions of sale ( Thompson ou al, 2010 ). In the instance in the brewery market, consumers are existing across particular parts in the state. Some provinces inside the Northern area of Nigeria perform non allow the sale of intoxicating drinks as a result of spiritual morals.

The monetary value snap demand for gross earnings of brewery merchandises can be inelastic, an addition in monetary value might non keep a significant impact on require. A decreasing in customer disposable income may maintain a little effect on demand, because purchasers might travel for cheaper trade names or perhaps replacement merchandises. The debut of a fresh merchandise into market that is non associated with the brewery industry may well vie with brewery merchandises for buyer disposable salary. The premiere of GSM service into the Nigerian market in the year 2003 created a serious competition pertaining to the brewery industry ( Equity Study, 2006 ).

The sector has very good distribution webs, in fact , they are the purchasers on the market as they control motion from the merchandises from the manufacturer for the retail vendors, and therefore find the value of the merchandises to a certain extent. This kind of unluckily really does non permit interaction between manufacturers and the consumers, however participants in the marketplace particularly the two large individuals strive to maintain contact with their consumers by advertizements, publicity of incidents and besides sponsorships of various programmes and activities ( Jernigan A, Obot, 06\ ).

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Suppliers in the marketplace include distributers of natural stuffs, matters and done merchandises. This kind of constituents consist of bottles, top corks, labels e. to. c. These kinds of services will be outsourced as the Nigerian jurisprudence does non allow the brewery houses to create forth all of them ( Value Research study, 06\ ).

You will discover more distributers and companies than ask brewery properties in staying. The organic stuffs and constituents getting uniform supply the makers the luxury to take their providers whenever ( Fairness Research study, 06\ ). Nigerian Breweries entirely has about 147 distributers and jobbers within the point out ( Famurewa A, Orekoya, 2008 ). However the distributers may present a risk to the market during commercial actions.

Nuisance of new Traders

Harmonizing to Porter, the menace of recent entrants is going to impact the profitableness of your industry ( Porter, 1985 ) while the officeholders may be forced to take down all their monetary principles in order to deter new traders thereby lower downing profitableness. In the Nigerian Brewery industry, some factors which help to make barrier to entry consist of capital needs, legal costs, economic systems of graduated table, circulation webs ( oppapers. com, 2011 ). Nigerian Breweries and Guinness both have international proficient husband and wife who provide the needful efficient and fiscal help ( Company Nigeria, 2010/2011 ). The other companies are chiefly public or region owned and are also localised in their part.

There were no new entrant into the concern, till 2009 the moment SABMiller a South African company came up on watercourse with the purchase of Peabody Breweries and Standard Breweries. SABMiller scheme in deriving area of the market portion was to provide forth low cost beer for a section of industry who could non spend the money for premium operate name of the bing marketplace. However Nigeria Breweries had been bring forthing such through Consolidated Breweries one of its subordinate ( Corporate and business Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

Nuisance of Substitute

The advantage of alternative may influence an industry h profitableness while consumers may make up kinds mind to change to a utility merchandise ( Boeing ou al, 2008 ). In Nigeria the ingestion of traditional refreshments such as burukutu, palm vino and ogogoro has a cultural affinity among consumers inside the rural and urban countries. Other possible replacements contain alcoholic drinks such as morapio, brandy, vodka and not alcoholic drinks such as malt, juice, soft and strength drinks. The alcoholic beverages are regarded as consumed with a higher area of the society ( Jernigan A, Obot, 2006 ), while the non-alcoholic drinks in order to aim the non-beer eating spiritual teams.

Beer on the other hand remains the drink of pick for instance a surveies completed have shown its prevailing penchant over additional alcoholic refreshments ( Obot, 2000 ). Beer is known to account for ninety six % of alcoholic major revenues in Nigeria ( Corporate Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

Intensity of Rivalry between existing residences

This is a step of the level to which bing houses compete among the other person for clients, this could be value and non-price based ( Boeing ain al, 2008 ).

On the market as mentioned previously, competition is definitely between the two major participants, nevertheless you will discover no value wars while the merchandises are differentiated and monetary value differences happen to be undistinguished. The industry creates 22 trade names of laager and 4 transact names of stout besides other nonalcoholic drinks, Nigerian Breweries rules the market inside the larger ( Star ) section when Guinness rules the strong ( Guinness ) section ( Company Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

Intended for non-priced structured competition, both the companies remain competitive on goods inventions, just like packaging, stigmatization and advertizements. Consumers possess witnessed technology of the labels from bottle of wine to may and sip-it battalions.

Brief summary of Five Makes

A sum-up of the five forces is usually herewith offered in the tabular array listed below utilizing primary drivers and attendant result on sector ( Boeing et approach, 2008 ).

Table you

Power of buyers

Concentration is definitely high, not any bargaining purchase


Benefits of providers

Suppliers more than Companies


Risk of alternative

Increased gaining replacement industry


Menace of new Entrant

High barrier to access


Depth of competition

Two main rivals


Overall evaluation


SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis will be used to mensurate an enterprise s talents and failings, chances and menaces in the marketplace on a four cell graph and or chart ( Dibb et al, 2006 ).

Figure 1


Financial systems of managed to graduate table

Solid fiscal foundation


Excessive staff turn-over

Inflexible architectural

Cost Control




Marketplace growing

Very good distribution world wide web

Govt statut law

Continued low boundary

Failure for capturing mkt developing


( Dibbs ou al, 06\ )


With strength and chance, an business in the industry may capitalise by enlargement or acquisition of weakened houses. A great organisation with chance and internal screwing up should watch the market simple explicate a scheme to construct on its failing. A weak company confronting menace should take the strategic turn-around required, by go trip the concern or let alone to be taken above by a greater house. A great organisation with strength but confronting nuisance should utilize its durability to get the better of the failing ( Dibb et al, 06\ )

Hirschmann Herfindahl Index ( HHI )

HHI is a computing of the attentiveness of an industry. It is measured by squaring the amount of the industry portion within just that industry. A HHI figure more than 1800 connote an industry that may be well focused ( Boeing et ‘s, 2008 ).

Table two

Nigerian Breweries

$ one particular, 100

65 %

four, 225

Guinness Nigeria

money 587. several

25 %



10 %



4, 950

( Corporate Nigeria, 2010/2011 ).

The HHI step gives a number of 4, 950 which in turn shows a extremely centered industry always be givening to an oligopoly ( Boeing et ing, 2008 ).


The brewery industry has proved to be a sustainable matter in Nigeria with more than six ( 6 ) decennaries of operation and holding survived old age range of unpredictable civil order, economic downswings and different government bodies policy and reforms.

The industry continues to be systematically dominated by Nigerian Breweries and Guinness and is unhappily apt towards oligopoly with the acquisition of five msn breweries simply by Nigerian Breweries ( allAfrica. com, 2011 ).

Nigeria is still regarded one of the least penetrated dark beer market in the universe in footings of its demographic population of over 150million ( allAfrica. com, 2011 ). More investors happen to be decidedly pleasant, nevertheless such investors will certainly necessitate to perpetrate tremendous capital spending to construct workss or obtain existing residences and besides make a powerful distribution web in order to vie with the ask houses.

Beverage ingestion can be described as win-win state of affairs, Nigerians drink when they are happy and wish to see, they besides drink if they are sad or emotionally down. The brewery industry can therefore always bask a sustained growing in the state.

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