the causes of the clash among capitalism and

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What Caused the Clash Among Communism and Capitalism Throughout the Cold Battle?

The cold battle was essentially a conflict between two different ideologies: Communism and Capitalism. In Capitalistic Economy the cost-free market establishes supply and demand, and prices are dependant upon what individuals are willing to pay. If the company or business offers their products too high, or too low they generate losses and may get bankrupt. While in a command word economy the government artificially units the prices and runs most industries and businesses. Inside the post WWII cold battle era 1945-1990, most of the major Western countries were capitalist, while Spain and the remaining Warsaw Pact was communism. The major ideological clashes involving the two financial systems had been religious (communists are atheist) and the political/economic system themselves.

Marxism-Leninism (the basis of communism ideals) was opposed to religion. Communist ideology was their new “religion. ” During the revolution, the communist acquired burned down many faith based buildings, churches, synagogues, and mosques. Faith as a whole was banned. The Christian chapel was considered to be one of the major adversaries of the reds. The communists believed that it was economic and material circumstances that influenced mankind rather than an all-powerful God. Actually Karl Marx the owner of communism once famously called religion the opiate (a narcotic drug) of the proletariat (the common people). Capitalism alternatively was ready to accept freedom of faith, and generally recognized it.

The Western countries distrusted The reds as a politics system for its lack of democracy and insufficient representation. For example , most American thought if they proved helpful hard they will deserved to keep the fruits of their labor, whether over a family farm or as being a tradesman inside the city. Theoretically in Capitalism the harder and better you performed the greater the reward. Alternatively, the communism disliked the democratic personal system since the they found democracy being a camouflage pertaining to capitalism, and disregarded the politicians while corrupt sock puppets of sector exploiting the employees and slowly destroying them of their labor to get slave wages. They centered on the fact that not all staff receive similar pay. That they failed to see that some employees were even more productive and possibly created more expensive products that had been more appealing.

In conclusion, the two main reasons behind disagreement between your two economies were the differing ideological/political/economic systems and the views on religious beliefs.

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