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During the book Slim is definitely respected and trusted simply by his other ranch workers and even features Curley pursuing his orders. Slim suggests George and becomes George’s confidant. As he acts as George’s confidant he subsequently becomes the meaning arbiter in the play, dr. murphy is the main figure who can understand things by right and wrong. Slim is a unique character as they speaks to everyone from Crooks to Candy and even Curley’s partner. In the story the idea of pecking order is important, because Slim is trusted by the whole hacienda he is the one who is at the top, this is demonstrated in the story with his authority.

However through the play he is the character who have represents the noble ranch worker. Thin represents a sympathetic affect in the normally hostile mother nature of everyday existence on the farm. When the visitor first meets Slim in the novel he can presented as being high in the hierarchy inside the novel.

Slim can be presented like a respectable man which is why the other hacienda workers trust him, this consequently prospects him to becoming the person who George can confide in about Lennie, as Slender realizes that Lennie gets the mentality of any child.

This shows how Slim is definitely presented like a man that is very smart which leads individuals to trusting him. This is shown when it says, “his strengthen was friendly. It invited confidence devoid of demanding it.  This illustrates just how people can easily trust due to Slim’s delicate nature. The ranch staff are shown in to respect because of the pecking order and because dr. murphy is the noble ranch worker mainly because it says, “they precede him.  This kind of shows his authority within the ranch because they respect him and because of his position in the pecking order of the hacienda. As Sleek is part of the hierarchy of the ranch this individual described as once moving “with a majesty only attained by royalty.  This is proven to emphasize his position in the ranch structure and this reveals the idea that he could be like the knight in shining armor of the farm. As thin is competent he is known as “Jerkline skinner which displays he is incredibly noble. This provides you with the impression that as he has wonderful skilled and a great depth of notion he practically emanates peaceful and understanding.

In the novel Slim is shown to have a character which is incredibly unique compared to the other personnel on the ranch. Slim is definitely described as possessing a “hatchet face which is “ageless.  This gives the impression that Thin has a impression of growing old around him, which is referred to as beingextraordinary. This kind of illustrates how Slim as he is beautiful is almost just like a piece of furniture pertaining to the ranch as he can be high up in the hierarchy which in turn further enforces the fact that Slim can be described as noble ranch worker who may be trusted by men. Steinbeck uses slims “ageless and “hatchet face to employ the use of similes showing the character of Slim. This individual employs similes when Steinbeck writes that Slim’s hands are “delicate and are “those of a brow dancer.  Steinbeck uses similes to demonstrate Slim’s elegance within the new, which as well represents his persona as being a character who will be able to inform right from from wrong a skill itself. This is also demonstrates how this individual has great skill together with his hands. Furthermore, Slim can be described as character who will be “capable of killing a fly on the wheeler’s booty with a half truths whip devoid of touching the mule. 

This reveals how Sleek is dependable among the workers; this also emphasizes just how Slim can be character who may be very strong but managed. Steinbeck shows Slim in the novel being a character who may be almost like a father-figure intended for the different ranch workers. This is demonstrated when Steinbeck wrote that Slim has a “understanding further than thought.  This illustrates how Slender is the fatherly figure as he is the wise man of the ranch and is the individual who is really perceptive. This kind of shows that his measured lifestyle gave great hope to the other ranch men and gave them inspiration and a friend who they could talk to. Steinbeck uses great adverbs to demonstrate his attention towards Lennie and George. As Slim is wise and extremely clever he realizes that Lennie contains a mind of any child. This is certainly shown when he uses the adverbs “kindly and “Gently.  This shows just how he has a caring attitude towards them as George has almost looked after Lennie his expereince of living. In this way he is almost sympathetic towards George because he knows how much George has had to deal with because of Lennie, which is why Thin becomes the confidant of George.

Steinbeck makes the persona of Slender become the confidant of George. He uses this thus Steinbeck can easily relate back to the original account of George and Lennie. This is shown when it stated, “Slim neither encouraged neither discouraged him, He merely sat again quiet and receptive.  This shows how Sleek gained the trust of George due to his mild nature also because he is the father figure. This displays how he’s in touch with other ranchmen though according to the structure he is greater than all of them, this displays how he’s a very respectable and sensible man as they considers him self as one of the prevalent men. So he is able to tune in to themwith their problems just like they are the same his. Because Slim becomes the confidant of George, in the conversation with George he says that Lennie is definitely “a great fella and this “He ain’t mean This kind of shows just how Slim includes a different attitude towards Lennie as if he can looking after him as well as George. This is why the reader becomes sympathetic because Slim is sympathetic towards Lennie which motivates the reader for being sympathetic.

This kind of creates a key role intended for Slim since without Slim the reader would not have been motivated to become as sympathetic to Lennie. Slim is pivotal towards the treatment Crooks because he is one of the simply people inside the ranch to deal with Crooks while using respect he deserves. This is shown when he says, “He’s plenty great.  This illustrates how Slim can be fair and compassionate since it shows just how he knows the difference between right and wrong which in turn shows how he is unprejudiced. This is because through the 1930s it was normal for black people to be remedied very poorly because to several people they were still called slaves, which is shown through the isolation by which crooks lives. This is even more enforced once Slim is the very first personality to address Crooks by his actual term instead of the brand “nigger the black servant or “stable buck.  This displays how this individual treats him with more admiration than the additional characters perform. This gives the impression that Slim obviously seems to have a conscience during the novel, this shows how come men trust his common sense. Through this it gives the impression that Slim could possibly be the metaphorical voice of Steinbeck presenting his views on prejudice and the approach people are remedied and how they must be treated.

Through the novel the pragmatism of Slim is shown if he acts just like a leader and guide as the dog continues to be shot. This is certainly shown when he says “Take a spade,  to Carlson. The use of an imperative shows Slim’s commanding character and specialist. Furthermore when he is strong, he is also a realist which is why he understands that the dog has to be shot for the best of the puppy. The brief syntax creates an effect since it shows Slim’s commanding mother nature. Slim has a very powerful nature which explains why Slim is a moral arbiter during the story and which explains why he knows that Candy’s puppy has to perish. This is proven when “Candy looked helplessly at him, for Slim’s opinions had been law.  This enforces the idea of Thin being the moral arbiter because it shows how costly emphatic thought which is heightened by the reality it is a assertion. In the story Slim provides a lot of electrical power and different personasto his figure. As he is kind to a lot of characters, very few ranchmen really know what he genuinely would do. This is demonstrated when it says, “Nobody don’t know what Sleek can carry out. 

This kind of illustrates how Slim has a bad aspect which well-known wants to get on the bad affiliate with. This concept that no your what he can do means that Slim is capable of great violence. This is demonstrated when he “drowned four of em right off.  This is due to his “bitch could not give food to them which shows that he will probably only perform violence if it is necessary therefore for the better certainly not the more serious, this focuses on his overwhelming power Slim has. Slim’s position inside the hierarchy is definitely high as they is able to produce Curley end what he could be doing. This kind of shows his assertiveness when he says, “you lay offa me.  This implies that due to the structure and Curley’s fear of Sleek, he is prepared to do what Slim explains to him to. However when Lennie is getting defeated up simply by Curley, it shows how Slim is extremely peaceful nevertheless at the same time intimidating and always taking care of people who are not really in the wrong. This is demonstrated when “Slim jumped up,  this shows how Slim is definitely protective more than Lenny that makes the reader seems sympathetic toward Lennie. However his aggression is displayed when says, “get um myself. 

This displays how Slender has a invisible strength, and almost acts like a noble darker horse. The moment Curley’s wife dies, the character of Sleek reveals that he performed care about Curley’s wife this is why he is well intentioned and nurturing during her death. This is certainly shown when Slim tells Curley “stay here with your wife.  Slim uses an essential to show how he sees that Curley has to stay there for his own gain but for Lennie’s as well. However as the problem escalates Sleek realizes that “we need to get im or her.  As he takes charge of the situation this individual does not perform because he wants to kill Lennie but as they wants those to go easy on Lennie and not hurt him. It is because Curley wants to, “strap him down make him within a cage.  This shows how Slender cares for Lennie and does not need him to die. Once Lennie drops dead he has to act as a confidant in which he goes to George and not the other way rounded because he has to reassure him because normally he sees that George will probably be feeling incredibly bad after. He uses his genuine look in life to show how is obviously that is a harsh life, this really is shown when he says, “A guy got to sometimes. 

This displays how this individual has to continue to keep George relaxed and does this kind of by the use of repetition, which is proven when he says, “you hadda George. I swear you hadda.  He is exonerating George to ensure that he seems better which is furtherenforced once Slim “twitched George’s elbow.  So Slim uses positive confidence to extravagant George. This really is in contrast to when Slim needed to cheer candies up for when they killed his dog, it can be like Lennie is George’s pup therefore Slim needs to now extravagant George. When confronting George about killing Lennie Thin says to him to sit down and so “sat straight down beside him, sat very close to him.  The repetition from the word “sat shows how he Is once again using the idea of repetition to calm him as they are good friends and Slender is the fatherly figure for George, the way George was intended for Lennie. This kind of creates a physical proximity which can be created by calming and repetition.

Mcdougal uses Darwin’s theory to provide a theme towards the reader that just the best can survive on the globe and the fragile must expire, which is why Lennie must pass away. This is because Lennie is like the sick puppy dog because it would be “cruel to hold him alive like Carlson said. Overall Slim is presented in “Of mice and men as the father figure with the ranch and so the leader to whom everyone respects and can talk to in times of need. As he may be the father figure in the ranch he’s very commendable and views himself among the common staff, this is why dr. murphy is the moral arbiter during the enjoy who voices the view of Steinbeck. As George never really acquired anyone talk to, Slim turns into the companion for George helping him through George’s grief when he kills Lennie. Slim offers a pivotal position in the New because he is definitely the character who may be unprejudiced and is also one of the common men that is high in the hierarchy.


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