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The stage guidelines (represented within italics) play the largest function in which represents the house and delivering the situations of the characters but as an undertone, via the point out of the house/setting, and the specific parts of the property which are unveiled. Likewise, the introduction to the first work also embodies a large area of the symbol because the opening paragraphs to the subsequent acts will almost always be compared to this, in order to crunch out elements of the move and determine what Lorca aims to portray in the transition.

We. Colour/introductions to respective functions

The diction Lorca employs successfully delivers the mood and ambiance of the settings of all 3 scenes. Action I starts the text off, set in A very white room. The word very to start with implies the impression of purity, cleanliness. In Act II the room/setting turns coming from very white colored into white-colored, which works in exposing that some of the purity have been washed apart with the whiteness of the wall surfaces, and becomes only semi-pure, which means the situation in general. The second work also shows doors that may lead to bedrooms, that has a slightly sexual/intimate undercurrent. These kinds of both have related to two characters in particular: Tortura and Adela. In Take action III rather than white space the subjects are stuck inside four white walls, which are softly washed in blue. Lorca employs the phrase four walls rather than introducing a living room to show an average confinement and finally the weariness of the place. Also, the walls are softly washed in blue which will connotes the sense of change in time, as though winter had been getting close. Apart from this additionally, it sends out a shudder owing to the kinesthetic imagery used. In addition , the doorways will be illuminated by lights in the rooms. These types of rooms contain all five sisters, the faint, low glow on the doorway from your lights in the sisters rooms would represent the underlying tones of secrecy. Additionally, it gives a tenuous glow to the stage. Lorca uses the word tenuous here in order to represent the caution from the secret of Adela discovering Pepe getting let out.

2. Doors

The several doors that Lorca really does mention can also even take a figurative perception. It may signify both options and staying trapped, in a way that either the greater doors you will discover the more possibilities the girls may well meet, or maybe the more doorways the more captured the girls will probably be. Constantly girls go in and out distinct doors.

2. Decorations

Photos of improbable landscapes full of nymphs or perhaps legendary kings are released in Work I. This element indicates real fantasies and true hopes to be far away, which is emphasized by many people characters, such as Poncia, Adela and Helen Josefa, through the entire three acts. The fact that Lorca uses the word not likely to describe the pictures brings us down again to earth/reality, in which we would recognize that nymphs and legendary kings happen to be part of misguided beliefs and are many unrealistic. However , what Lorca aims to present is simply the outside of the property is already regarded as an outside world, and is simply unattainable.

III. Maria Josefa

She personifies the conundrum to the values of the house. This kind of inconsistency with the beliefs of the house of Bernarda Alba on its own is symbolized by her physical separating from the remaining characters and the house. The audience knows that she’s locked in special confinement but have no idea where, she is not locked up in just a roomit is almost a holding chamber. In addition , the girl with first presented as VOICE in the start off of Action I and only within. The type of introduction directed at her as a character echoes its relevance throughout the text message. Maria Josefa is almost totally a metaphor. She represents the true wishes of the five girls, the voices in the back of their brain, the freedom that they can want from the home. Like her, these desires, even, need to be locked up and away as Bernarda Alba might hear absolutely nothing of it. In the end, her physical segregation through the rest of the residence not only stands for itself but also the minds with the girls, that makes it an important symbol to note.

IV. Other subcomponents

Windows: the girls are only allowed to talk to kids through the house windows of their rooms.

The outdoor patio: is where the men could gather.

almost like a tone of voice in the back of their heads

brings us back down

I discovered that when Lorca uses the phrase doors, in the event taken in a figurative feeling, may stand for both options, and on the other hand, getting trapped. More doors = faster you are to find a way out but also in a sense more doors can also = the greater trapped, there will always be a door ahead.


illuminated weak, low glow, secrets happen to be coming to area but are not revealed.

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