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On the exterior surface, David Williamson’s ‘The Club’ can be an stimulating and humorous play about the power-plays within a Melbourne football club. When delved in more deeply, it might be seen that the seemingly simple Australian humor is a significant indictment of the life and times.

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Selfishness, jealousy, covet and avarice. These are the images portrayed by the characters of ‘The Club’. In essence, they are really driven by simply self-interest, ready to compromise personal and institutional integrity for personal greed and gain.

Most six characters demonstrate this kind of in one method or another – from the apparent egocentricity of Jock and Gerry to the seemingly faithful and unfaltering Laurie: first of all in his prior ploy to eventually overthrow Jock then contemplating compromising Danny if this meant he had a better potential for rising to the top:

GERRY: Laurie, imagine if I told you I could exchange, Danny pertaining to Tony Marchesi?

(LAURIE examines Gerry)

Gowns made you stop and think, hasn’t it?

LAURIE: Can you?

GERRY: No, nonetheless it made you stop and think, which in turn goes to show the fact that central presumption of the scientific research of economics – that we’d promote our grandmums if the selling price was proper – just isn’t all that far wide in the mark.

(page 37)

How does this kind of relate to the ‘real world’? Some might say it will not – that it can be just a fictional story regarding football; however the behaviour and personality with the characters, in the event that not the characters themselves, are easily recognisable in everyday routine, and that in itself is an indictment about our lifestyle and moments.

‘The Club’ brings to light the power challenges that are eminent all around us – not only in sports clubs, although at all levels – from business to politics to international associations. The audience is intrigued by simply all of this – absorbed by the double-dealings plus the turn of situations that lead to the downfall more. This reveals personality traits centred around person gain, as well as the fact that life is dominated by this kind of conduct is also a reflection of the contemporary society we reside in.

TED: Most important factor I did following your election was go out and buy the best administrator in the business, and now, 18 months after, Jock is at cahoots with my supervisor and the a pair of them are running the Club. (page 30)

JOCK: Gowns crazy discuss, Laurie. Do you really honestly think I’d skade the golf club just to get again at you?

LAURIE: Yes, I do (page 66)

What is sarcastic is that Gerry and Jock’s continued success relies on the failure in the team. This again shows a common will certainly to give up institutional integrity for personal greed and gain. All of the characters are powered by goals of success – as the best, and therefore are happily happy to trample more than others to achieve this. Ultimately, to be the best at all costs.

The power challenges and egotism evident in the enjoy are not the only condemnations in the life and times all of us live in. Geoff’s tale regarding his ‘connections’ with his mom and ‘legless sister’ is a crucial point in getting to lumination the flaws of the means of thinking and the attitudes which usually plague modern life of today. Regardless of whether they believed the story or certainly not; the fact this is used since comedy, and is also taken as a faiytale by visitors and audiences, is a cause for concern. What this displays is a interpersonal order lacking in moral nutritional fibre. It also splashes on a number of important problems – ladies rights becoming one of them.

The role ladies play in society is an important issue increased by Williamson. In the screenplay, they are considered to be irrelevant. The problems of home-based violence and women’s rights are considered insignificant, even funny. This is epitomised first in Jock’s bank account of whacking his wife (not for the 1st time) however in Ted’s outburst in being falsely accused of assaulting the stripper:

JOCK: Tubby Robbins took me apart inside the ’39 Grand Final then when I got residence Rosemary said, ‘I believe you fulfilled your match today, ‘ and I thumped her a single. (page 25)

TED: She egged myself on through her act, Laurie. Eyed me away, stroked my hair, said to take away her garter – I actually played the vamp for any she was worth, then again when I gone round backstage she changed it all off and cured me as though I was dirt and grime under her feet. No person treats me like that, Laurie, least coming from all a little trollop like that. I am just the Chief executive of the very best football club inside the history of the game and I will not likely have some tiny slut laugh in my encounter. (page 58)

Statements such as are disregarded as trivial, and in Jock’s case, they are regarded as component to everyday life. Ted and Laurie even signify the strike of the male stripper would have recently been brushed beneath the carpet under ordinary situations. This is true. We all live in a society in which even though home-based violence and abuse will be illegal, they can be not taken as seriously as it should. Cases go unreported, plus the issue in general is also considered as a joke by a few.

In short, ‘The Club’ uses intrigue and humour to show the flaws and disadvantages of the contemporary society we are in. By taking a great look around us, we can observe bits of Jock, Ted, Gerry, Laurie, Danny and Geoff; and the principles that they indicate are evident everywhere in world.

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