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Very Bowl

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The Super Bowl is a remarkably televised annual American sports event. Throughout the Super Pan, there are several advertising throughout the game. Many viewers look forward to the commercials as a result of creativeness of numerous of them. The Super Bowl allows promoters to help build brand recognition and recollect.

2016 Very Bowl Advertisements

In 2016 the brands Skittles, Bud Mild, Colgate, Coca-Cola, and Rentals. com shown commercials through the Super Pan. The brands share one common theme of using an efficient message technique to gain an emotional response from buyers. In contrast, the brands differ in terms of execution (for details see Appendix A).


Skittles is a manufacturer known for their colorful candy. The Skittles motto “taste the rainbow” is well-known to the majority of US homes (Skittles, 2016). In 2016, Skittles employed Aerosmith rock star Steven Tyler to endorse the brand name. The concept was incredibly visually appealing because it designed a family portrait of Stephen Tyler made from rainbow skittles. The family portrait was brought to life through computer animation. The advertisement included Tyler’s hit song “Dream On” to connect with the customers. Skittles required the rock and roll theme to the next level while adding the saying”rock the rainbow” to their motto (Skittles, 2016). In terms of company recognition, Skittles effectively builds awareness. That they build recognition by using the product throughout the commercial and having a well-known movie star endorse it. The advertisement is apparent that the rainbow can be connected with skittles. The ad was also effective in terms of company recall with several Skittles in the advertisement and using the word a couple of times.

Bud Lumination

Bud Light as well used superstars to promote their item. The spokesmen in their 2016 Super Dish advertisement are comedians Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer. The advertisement includes humor while using the a slightly politics approach that beer delivers America collectively. Per a report on the associated with humor in advertising effects showed that humor provides a large impact on building brand awareness (Khan and Khan, 2013). Similar effectively creates brand awareness by using joy while seriously incorporating the logo, name, and product through the advertisement. In each and every scene, the actors are holding Bud Light cans/bottles, standing for a Bud Light scène, and even keeping Bud-Light indicators. This is an excellent strategy regarding brand recognition because if the viewer tunes in halfway through they are going to know what manufacturer the business is for. The advertisement effectively uses brand recall by echoing the Bud Light identity and logo.


Unlike Skittles and Bud Light, Colgate uses a critical approach inside their Super Dish advertisement. Similar has no voiced dialogue but rather the sound of any constantly jogging faucet. The faucet ties into their overall message to save water. The campaign’s purpose is to demonstrate that to get water while brushing all of your teeth is a waste. The message requests uses to show off the tap to help preserve water (Colgate, 2016). With regards to brand understanding, Colgate successfully builds recognition by dealing with a interpersonal issue and taking business social command (CSL). Brands often work with CSL to generate brand awareness by beginning campaigns in terms of social and environmental issues. Hilton (2003) states, “If customers happen to be inspired over a mass range by CSL, this will have got a powerful topple on influence on all other target audiences” (pg. 372). Colgate builds company awareness if you take on sociable leadership to aid save normal water. The theme of saving normal water relates to their particular product toothpaste. The disadvantage of this type of ad is if a viewer tunes in halfway through they do not be clear in what is happening in the advertisement. This really is ineffective regarding brand call to mind because there is zero repetition of what the method.


In contrast to Colgate, Coca-Cola uses their own merchandise and dialogue throughout their very own advertisement to generate brand understanding. Throughout the advertisements, a Skol can is the main center of attention. Similar also uses animation including The Hulk and Ant Person to tell a tale of the last coke becoming taken away. The message in the advertisement is that everyone wants a bit of Coca-Cola. The advertisement effectively forms brand understanding by using a story-telling approach although constantly incorporating the product through the entire advertisement. A story-telling procedure is becoming one common way for online marketers to advertise items that focus around a storyline (Clow and Baack, 2016). Coca-Cola is a well-established brand so storytelling is effective method for them to fascination consumers into watching.

Rentals. com

Like Coca-Cola, the brand Flats. com utilizes a story-telling approach to convey a communication of upgrading in life. Within their advertisement, the whimsical audio approach of the chorus singing Moving On Up shows a guy moving into his new condo. The advertisement features humor with the man delivered to his fresh home by a crane while he is playing a grand keyboard. The tune Moving Up pertains to the brand’s image of growing up in life such as a fresh apartment. Though, the brand’s name is usually not released until the end, it is crystal clear that the advertisements is about entering into a new condo. The brand effectively builds understanding by including music that relates to the brand into the advertisements. Studies show that music can change the way in which a viewer feels while watching the advertisement (Morris and Boone, 1998). If the viewer seems positive thoughts while watching, it could result in having positive thoughts towards the brand. However , it should be noted the fact that same costs negative emotions. If a viewer is miserable with the music it might bring about negative thoughts. The advertisement for Apartments. com could have positive or unwanted effects on the buyer depending on their very own music decision. In terms of brand recall, similar did not efficiently restate or perhaps repeat who they are. The advertisement can improve with a few their company logo more over the commercial to remind buyers who the manufacturer is.

Advantages to airing advertisings during The Extremely Bowl. A serious advantage to airing commercials during The Extremely Bowl is definitely the number of visitors and quick feedback. Approximately 110 mil viewers view the game and 73% consider commercials entertainment (Clow Baack, 2016). The Super Dish allows businesses to reach a huge audience in a single shot and a lot of are willing to watch the commercials. Many companies consider The Extremely Bowl a chance to build manufacturer awareness. For instance , Paul Chibe the Vice President of Anheuser-Busch once stated that “the Super Dish is a huge-brand building opportunity” (pg. 223 Clow Baack, 2016). The Super Dish gives marketers the opportunity to reach a large audience and sometimes even give a lengthier commerical up to one minute. This allows the company a longer time to get their concept across and reach a bigger than usual audience.

Disadvantages to air advertising during The Super Bowl. A significant disadvantage to advertising throughout the Super Dish is the cost. A 30-second ad during the Super Pan can cost any where from $2. a few $3 million unlike daytime TV which can be around $230, 000 (Quesenberry and Coolsen, 2014). Markers must consider the costly cost ahead of airing ad advertisement. Another downside is that the audience might not be viewing. As stated previously around 110 million people watch nevertheless , there is no guarantee that a brand’s target audience is usually watching. Online marketers must consider the cost versus the potential market reached prior to starting a Super Bowl campaign.

Bottom line

To conclude, the Super Bowl gives brands the chance to reach a sizable audience in the past. The Super Bowl enables brands to make awareness through celebrity real reviews such as Skittles and Bud Light do in 2016. It enables gives brands the opportunity to have social responsibility in an environmental matter including Colgate truly does. Overall, the Super Pan is a expensive expensive pertaining to brands to air a commercial however , the return is normally worth it.

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