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A great interview by Eduard Punset with Roger Schank, where he reveals important and incredibly real parts of view regarding the work of schools and teachers. That questions the existing role of schools, focused on revealing theory than on encouraging practice and gaining experience. They are dedicated to learning through memorization and that is how it ends up staying forgotten. Consider that the only effective approach to learn is by doing. Roger Schank, Ph. D. in linguistics from the University of Texas, is usually an expert in Artificial Intellect that researched how to instruct computers and ended up obtaining that humans educate all of us badly. Schank was a mentor of Computer system Science and Psychology by Yale University and, after, director from the Artificial Intelligence Project of the identical institution. In 1989, he launched the Institute to get the Education Savoir (ILS) inside the Northwestern University of Chicago, il, In the ILS he focused his exploration on the development of educational software program, especially for the field of employee schooling. He is a teacher at the Schools of Standford and Carnegie Mellon. In accordance to Roger Schank, you simply learn getting into and you can certainly not learn devoid of practice and experience. although schools will not do it that way.

The educational system has remained the same for several hundred years: a guy enters and provide a class., That then couple of remember. Pcs are a remedy, but they do not have to be the solution, because the truth is the education system. The computer alone has no significance, is a gadget that allows you to have got experiences in the event you create a great software to accompany it. For Roger Schank, instructors should concentrate on trying to determine what students may do aiming to help them do it, while training and bettering. Many times we study batteries and stacks of ebooks, we make ourselves within a certain subject, we believe we all understand almost everything we browse but after a while (ofcourse not necessarily very long) we feel that the information has faded from our head. And not to note when we have to face the world of work and that we are far by knowing how to utilize all this theory learned to real conditions. However , when ever putting this kind of knowledge into practice in the case opf daily life, we all notice the way you began to figure out in detail the theory studied recently. And that is why today, the case method is considered an efficient methodology to get learning that is increasingly prolonged in educational areas.

What is the process of the case? Wikipedia defines this as follows: The case method also called as case study or perhaps case method is the study of a certain situation to understand or increase in a field of knowledge. Put simply, through this method students find face real-life cases, to analyze them, offer actions and discuss these people as a team, enabling to put into practice the idea learned and evaluate conceivable solutions. The origin of this methodology goes back towards the year 1914, in the Institution of Rules of the College or university of Harvard, with the aim of which the pupils learned regulations through situations of the true to life And it gave result.

Exactly why is this method deemed effective for learning? Complements the theory The truth method connects theory with practice, understanding with the real-world. In this way trainees applies his theoretical know-how in real situations of professional practice. This allows one to fix the knowledge. Encourages the introduction of critical wisdom and decision making The student is definitely obliged to study a case and, based on the information presented, propose ways of solutions or advancements. This is how he develops his critical judgment and increasingly refines his reasoning and intuition. This kind of goes hand in hand with making decisions, since you need to choose a possibility among a number of possible solutions, evaluating the pros and cons of each proposal. Extends the vision before the examine of a situation The student need to execute several roles inside the same problem, evaluating distinct perspectives. From this sense, this expands the vision of events, that can result in higher learning to resolve subsequent cases.

Helps bring about teamwork Team-work is one of the important aspects of specialist success. Through the case method, the student must, first of all, analyze the case and prepare independently to in that case share his point of view together with his team. At the end of the day, the team will need to have proposed a simple solution route due to its prior discussion. At this time group expertise are developed such as communication, negotiation, issue management. It allows the development of a methodology to get solving problems The evaluation and preparation of a actual life case singularly, allows the student to develop their particular work methodology, based on their very own strengths and weaknesses.

A methodology that will assist as a basis when the time comes to face the real world of. The classes are participatory When discussing a case there is no area for boredom or dismissal, full focus is necessary to comprehend and reason the case. Classes become revitalizing and participatory where control passes by teachers to students. This kind of active engagement allows growing communication skills and shifting away the stage terror of speaking in public, vital to be successful professionals. The truth method is the main methodology found in the teaching system of the business enterprise School of Valladolid and, year after year, we discover with more than acceptable results the best way to learn is by carrying out, always incorporating theory with practice.

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