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People have friends. Many are so alike that it is shocking. They seem to walk, discuss and even consume the same. Nevertheless others are so very different that it is an absolute wonder that they can also stand one another, let alone become friends. That is how it is in the camaraderie of Sandra and Nancy. They fluctuate in many techniques from their views on cleaning, their views on fun and even inside their views on religious beliefs.

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The 2 girls are the most effective of close friends but they are very different, even inside the views on that they clean. Sandra is very newly made. Everything should be in its place always. Nancy alternatively is extremely unpleasant. Wherever points happen to property is where they should fit in. Sandra wipes her area at least once every day. While Nancys room is usually lucky to be cleaned monthly. When Sandra cleans, this can be a lengthy process. Sometimes she’ll spend hours just cleaning her place. When Nancy cleans, it is done when as possible. If the girl can get anything shoved underneath her pickup bed in five minutes then the girl with happy. The idea of even sleeping in a messy room makes Sandra extremely uncomfortable. Though Nancy can’t stand to be in a spotless room, without having the urge to mess anything up.

Because the two young ladies can scarcely stand to be in every single others rooms, they frequently venture out. But also in their different types of a good time, they may have severe differences. Sandra is very quiet and shy. Your woman doesnt love to be around lots of people that the girl doesnt know. Nancy on the contrary is loud and very out bound. She adores being with new people and doing new and exciting things. She cannot stand the thought of undertaking the same thing over and over again. Sandras concept of a great weekend would be to work with a few friends and watch movies. While Nancys fantasy weekend would contain mountain climbing, skydiving, or any issue where your woman met a great deal of new good friends. Sandra is the most shy around boys. Actually she has by no means even been on a single time. Nancy is perhaps even more fun loving and fearless when in comes to males. She has been on plenty of dates and has had a large number of boyfriends.

Even though these two differ in many matters with their life, one of the most difficult difference to overcome is their difference in religious philosophy. The two ladies have gone for the same day care and university all of their lives, but they have never been of the identical faith. Sandra is a very solid Baptist. In reality her father is the pastor of the Baptist church. Although Nancy is actually a Catholic, but she isnt very involved in her chapel. Sandra is a huge Baptist since the very day time she was developed. Nancy did not become a member of the Catholic Church until she was practically fifteen years of age. Sandra thinks whole-heartedly in her cathedral and in her God. Although Nancy questions her religion and the actions of her God.

These two girls have been good friends for nearly 20 years irrespective of their a large number of differences. Many people declare opposites appeal to, and in this case it seems to become true. Possibly the differences possibly made their friendship that much stronger.


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