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In Portugal during the 18th century, Edmond Dantes together with his close friend Fernand Mondego remain in a strange area in search of recovery help for his or her captain, that has just obtained brain fever. They fulfill Napoleon and ask for medical assistance for their chief. Napoleon enables them to be in his sectors. On the initial night of their very own stay, Napoleon asks Edmond a prefer. He requests he produce “harmless, personal letter into a friend back Marseilles where Edmond exists.

However , as a result of Napoleon’s superb admiration for Edmond’s loyalty to his chief, he entrusts Edmond not to speak of the letter to anyone. Regrettably their captain passes in overnight going out of Edmond, Fernand and crew to continue prove way home.

Once Edmond arrives home he provides a nice supper with his soon-to-be wife and father partying the marriage wonderful new task as chief of the dispatch. Edmond gets arrested in the middle of dinner pertaining to treason and brought to a male named J.

F. Villefort for questioning. Apparently the letter Edmond hadn’t the opportunity to deliver covered Napoleon’s military beach patrol times and locations. To Dantes’ many painful shock, Mondego was the one who acquired in fact reported Dantes pertaining to delivering the letter. The night Dantes was speaking with Napoleon, Mondego got seen the happenings. Together with the help of two accomplices, T. F. Villefort and Phillipe Danglar, Mondego was able to body Dantes to get treason.

Once Dantes requests why he did it, Mondego responds, “You’re the child of a attendant; I’m not supposed to wish to be you,  (Mondego is the son of a Count). He could be then delivered to a horrible penitentiary called the Chateau d’If, where he can be barely given, bored towards the point of wanting committing suicide and pulled on every wedding anniversary of his arrival. After a few years of self applied, an elder man, Clergyman Faria (a priest), digs his approach into Edmond’s cell. They make a deal that if Edmond helps Faria to get an escape he will probably in return, teach Edmond.

Eventually, when Dantes makes his way back to Marseilles, he could be burdened by horrible information of his father’s suicide and his ex-fiancee’s marriage to Mondego (she had been wrongly informed that Dantes was executed) a month after his “death. After 13 a lot of his your life taken away from him, the onlythought on Edmond’s mind is revenge. He unfolds the Treasure of Sparta and buys a massive mansion. That’s exactly what holds a family house party to reintroduce himself to the world because the Depend of Mazo Cristo. When social with his enemies again, he is able to possess Danglar decline a pier and hung.

Then this individual tricks Villefort into trying to a homicide conspiracy therefore he’s removed to penitentiary for the same struggling he had to endure. Following he is victorious everything this individual once got, back coming from Mondego. Mercedes rediscovers Dantes and déclaration her child to be with Dantes instead of Mondego. After this confession, Dantes has got the pleasure of killing Mondego in a sword fight. In beautiful bottom line, Dantes will buy the Enclos d’If together with his fortune and holds a suitable farewell to his sensible priest mentor.

Title The Count of Monte Cristo
Written by Alexandre Dumas
Type of Composing Novel
Genre Historical fictional works
First Published 1844″1846
Country Italy
Main Subject Conspiracy, framework and imprisonment, escape and revenge
Setting France, Italy, Mediterranean Islands
Primary Characters Edmond Dantès, Mercedès, Abbe Faria, Fernand Mondego, De Villefort, Danglars

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