The Count of Monte Cristo Summary Essay

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In France through the eighteenth hundred years, Edmond Dantes along with his close friend Fernand Mondego stop in a strange land searching for rescue support for their chief, who has only attained brain fever. They will meet Napoleon and ask for medical attention for captain.

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Napoleon allows them to stay in his quarters. Around the first nights their stay, Napoleon demands Edmond a favor. This individual requests this individual deliver a “harmless, personal letter to a friend” back in Marseilles where Edmond resides. Yet , because of Napoleon’s great admiration for Edmond’s devotion to his captain, he entrusts Edmond not to speak of the page to any person.

Sadly their very own captain goes on overnight leaving Edmond, Fernand and crew to keep on their approach home. Once Edmond comes home this individual has a nice dinner with his soon-to-be partner and father celebrating the marriage and his fresh job because captain in the ship. Edmond gets imprisoned in the middle of meal for treason and delivered to a man named J. F. Villefort intended for questioning.

Evidently the page Edmond hadn’t the chance to deliver contained Napoleon’s army beach patrol moments and spots. To Dantes’ most unpleasant surprise, Mondego was the one who had the truth is reported Dantes for delivering the letter. The night Dantes was talking to Napoleon, Mondego had seen the occurrences. Along with the help of two accomplices, J. Farreneheit.

Villefort and Phillipe Danglar, Mondego could frame Dantes for treason. When Dantes asks how come he did it, Mondego responds, “You’re the son of the clerk; I’m not designed to want to be you, ” (Mondego is the child of a Count). He is after that taken to a terrible prison referred to as the Chateau d’If, in which he is barely fed, fed up to the stage of needing suicide and whipped in each anniversary of his arrival.

After a few years of torture, an elder man, Abbe Faria (a priest), digs his way in to Edmond’s cellular. They make a deal breaker that in the event that Edmond allows Faria to dig a getaway he will in exchange, educate Edmond. Eventually, once Dantes makes his long ago to Marseilles, he is mired by the terrible news of his father’s suicide fantastic ex-fiancee’s matrimony to Mondego (she have been wrongly knowledgeable that Dantes was executed) a month after his “death”. After 13 years of his life taken away from him, the only thought upon Edmond’s head is payback. He unfolds the Value of Sparta and buys a huge estate.

He then keeps a house part of reintroduce himself to the community as the Count of Monte Cristo. Once cultural with his opponents again, they can have Danglar fall off a dock and hung. Then simply he tips Villefort in confessing to a murder conspiracy theory so he’s taken away to prison for the same suffering he had to put up with.

Next he wins anything he once had, again from Mondego. Mercedes rediscovers Dantes and confesses her son to be in his campany Dantes rather than Mondego. After that confession, Dantes has the pleasure of eradicating Mondego in a sword combat.

In fabulous conclusion, Dantes buys the Chateau d’If with his lot of money and contains a proper goodbye to his wise clergyman mentor.

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