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The CoverGirl advertising from January 2014 incorporates a picture of Queen Latifah in a grayish background with her green eye shadow. Queen Latifah has tiny brown eyes with long curly black sexy eyelashes. She has a lovely big smile with shiny white teeth. California king Latifah also offers a lovely pair of small rare metal round protruding earrings in her ears. The word “CoverGirl is crafted in big bold green letter across her temple, all to boost her overall look. Queen Latifah is written in little green albhabets underneath inside the right side corner.

The photo shot is coming from her head to her shoulders, just enough to get the visitors to focus on CoverGirl’s product. Princess or queen Latifah definitely seems to be wearing an olive green shirt, similar color because CoverGirl’s product, with her hair taken back into a lengthy ponytail. Similar effectively uses logos, cast, and pathos to convince the audiences to buy CoverGirl products.

The 1st appeal is shown by utilizing logos to achieve the viewer’s reasoning to buy CoverGirl products. CoverGirl claims that their products happen to be for women of any and all pores and skin types or ethnic experience. The ad states, “fadeproof, waterproof and ignore-proof, which is often used to describe the item that they are promoting (CoverGirl mascara).

This product has existed for a long time and is also rapidly growing and maturity it is extremely diverse. CoverGirl states fadeproof because they will claim that their product will stay on they confront regardless of how extended it is worn for that time, and that withstands perspiration or crying and moping. Waterproof would be for those who want it to stay upon when it rains or if they go for a swim. Ignore-proof is the soft look and natural beauty appear that it produces for their confront and makes these people look like a authentic queen, or perhaps look since beautiful as Queen Latifah looks inside the ad. There are many things that individuals look to accomplish when using make-up or mascara and this ad identified the top three. Girls put makeup to look beautiful, and mascara is definitely apart with the make up. Princess or queen Latafiah wimpernbetonung identifies that buyers would not have to worry about it fading, cleansing away, or going unnoticed.

The second appeal is diathesis, which is used to convince the viewers to buy CoverGirl products. Using a very persuasive and empowering actress and version for the company, and in my view backed the advertising; she is a big influence to the companies’ product sales. CoverGirl is one of the more popular make-up companies, which in turn many celebs use as well as other consumers. In my opinion this is to get customers attention therefore thatthey would see their exclusive celebrity applying CoverGirl, and hope that the consumer finding the ad might rely on and buy their very own product. The ad promotes by saying, “if it really is good for Showmanship it is sufficient for me. CoverGirl uses celebrities to promote their products since they are aware that the viewers will certainly buy it if they believe celebrities are applying the product.

Finally, the use of pathos is demonstrated by Queen Latifah feelings in the advertisement. Queen Latifah looks very satisfied with her fade resistant; waterproof and ignore- resistant makeup and mascara. This wounderful woman has the brightest and prettiest smile at any time which allowed me and many others to appreciate it and lean toward purchasing the merchandise, which is the particular company can be hoping for. Princess or queen Latifah’s face looks naturally beautiful, which is what CoverGirl is really targeting. CoverGirl is known as a widely known and revered cosmetics organization. They typically use famous actress and models within their advertisement to persuade the viewers to acquire their products.

The CoverGirl advertisement makes Queen Latifah seem superior to her natural beauty. The logic at the rear of this is the viewer noticed and thought that if each uses the CoverGirl product, that they could seem as fabulous as Queen Latifah performed in the advertising. In conclusion, similar effectively uses logos, ethos, and pathos to influence viewers to buy CoverGirl products that are diminish proof, water-resistant and ignore-proof. Logos is employed to show why the viewers should trust CoverGirl products. Ethos convinces the visitors to buy CoverGirl product through a well-known occasional actress and version named Queen Latifah in promoting their merchandise. Pathos reveals how the system is satisfying California king Latifah simply by her feelings in the advertisement. The advertisement displays how gratifying and trustworthy CoverGirl merchandise really is.

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