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Social organization

The novel that I have chosen is The Curse simply by Lee Su Ann. In this novel there are several strong personas. Among these types of characters, the smoothness that I think has highly influenced others in a negative way is usually Puan Vanliga. Puan Vanliga, one of the villagers, is explained by Siti as a “slimy cobra using a three-forked tongue. ” No person likes the gossips that she propagates. Branded as being a rumour-monger, We find that she easily impacts the filter minded persons of her village.

Being a “news broadcaster” of the village, everything that happens there does not escape her eyes and ears. Quickly, it becomes a topic for her to talk about. Her idle talks are capable of ruining the reputations of the person concern. Most of the villagers, who fail to think detailed, are easily inspired by her tales which causes a negative influence on the town. After Madhuri’s body is retrieved, she discusses Madhuri’s loss of life so frequently that her daughter provides the gossips to school also.

She tells her classmates that Madhuri is definitely murdered.

In another incident, she also talks about Madhuri’s marriage to Haji Ghani, the small town headman and how their fresh, handsome tutor is troubled by it. This can be a strong adverse influence that Noor features acquired by Puan Vanliga as it is bad for Noor to speak about matters which are not related to her. The next incident is when ever Puan Normala admits that she has viewed Madhuri’s corpse and that her body was bleeding white colored blood. Staying superstitious, she spreads the rumour that the village is usually cursed with Madhuri’s loss of life. She declares that because the village is cursed, a large number of bad things will happen and the village will eventually experience tragedy. She dunes the villagers’ hearts and spoils the harmony from the village. This can be a clear evident that shows how influent she may be in a bad way. Within incident wherever we can witness her bad influence around the villagers is when she blames the old lady’s trip to Asraf’s home as the reason for the constant rain.

Furthermore, she is also a mean and malicious person. For example , her influence on the villagers brought on them to trigger Mohd Asraf to face the old female by accusing the old lady as exactly why Asraf’s grandmother’s dies. For that reason instigation, Asraf’s anger is an essential cause for the fireplace that causes the old lady to die. Putting aside the above evident, there are many other happenings where the lady tries to influence the others such as her very own daughter and also Siti, her neighbour’s child. Noor, her daughter is exactly like her and can be branded “Like mother like daughter. In her class, she plays the role that the girl inherited after her mother died. This is a very clear evident that reveals Puan Normala’s negative influence on her girl. In conclusion, based upon the above reasons and evident, I find that Puan Vanliga is the only character that can influence others in the negative way. We have to not be like Puan Vanliga as whatever we may claim, may damage others. It is therefore necessary for us to stay smart to create a more peaceful world.


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