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ical WarfareIn the season 600 BC. Solon who was a legislator of the Athenians, contaminated the River Pleisthenes with skunk cabbage to give the defenders of Kirrha chaotic diseases ultimately causing their wipe out. This is the first recorded make use of plants as a source of chemicals for rivalry.

Although not famous, chemical and biological warfare has been intended for over 2150 years. Chemical substance and Neurological warfare made a huge change since 600 BC and has changed as one of the most advanced and destructive types of warfare available.

There are many reason why chemical and natural warfare is so effective. Through the medieval moments chemicals had been catapulted above castle and fortress surfaces. Disease could spread in the enclosed wall surfaces. Chemicals were also placed up stream and the inhabitants with the fortress could drink the deadly, microorganism infested normal water. Biological and Chemical weapons are very economical, they can be found in your daily household cleansers such as 409, or Windex. It does not have a very superior industrial base to produce lethal chemicals. This makes it easy for the tiny countries to obtain these chemicals. The usage of chemical weapons by Korea and Libya in 1988 reephasizes the danger why these weapons will certainly spread. (World Encyclopedia).

Not only are these weapons cheap, but are very effective. Defense Secretary William S. Cohen held up a five-pound handbag of sugar on countrywide television quite some time back to present how, with an a simlar amount of anthrax, Iraq can eliminate at least half the population of Washington. ( CNN. COM). The US Law enforcement officials Assistance Supervision reported in March 1977 that a single ounce of anthrax released into the air-conditioning system of a domed arena could infect 70-80, 500 spectators inside an hour (CNN. COM). In January 1998, the Center to get Disease Control declared that the epidemic hit Miami, California. Doctors have not yet clinically diagnosed the specific reason for the disease, nevertheless the illness primarily resembled a chest cool that moves along into pneumonia-like symptoms. It then progressed speedily into fever and shortness of breath. What is especially peculiar about this epidemic is the fact all the patients who have wanted medical attention attended the Lemon Bowl soccer game on New Years Day. This can be an example of a terrorist assault on a dome stadium. And a 72 study by Advanced Ideas Research Company of Santa Barbara, A bunch of states, postulated that the aerosol attack with anthrax spores around the New York City might result in much more than 600, 500 deaths (CNN. COM)

Biological warfare agents include both living microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and fungi), and toxins (chemicals) produced by microorganisms, plants, or pets or animals. The experts of biological and chemical ware fare make a list of possible agents that terrorists probably will use. Amongst those stated have been (undulant fever), (parrot fever), (the Black Death of the 14th Century), (rabbit fever), (Shiga bacillus), (Hardy 1998). There are over 60 chemicals that they can could get hold of legally and this is one reason that biological warfare is so risky. Some of these real estate agents are highly lethal. Others will serve mainly in an incapacitating role. Some authors also have speculated about the feasible terrorist utilization of new, genetically engineered brokers. These agents are designed to remove certain persons such as a certain race for example.

World War 1 marked the first time that there was a large-scale make use of gas in warfare. The Germans distributed 168 tons of Chlorine gas from cyl against the The french language Salient by Ypres. Total surprise was achieved, however the success with this attack has not been very great (Graham 1998). This harm resulted in over 5, 1000 allied casualties, the loss or 60 weapons and huge amounts of supplies. The Germans attacked the northeast portion of the Ypres Slient where the France and Uk lines attained. The French region to the correct was held with a group of Algerians while the Canadians held the British location to the left. A fantastic eyewitness bank account of this strike was documented in Maj. Gen. Amos Fries book, Chemical Combat:

Try to imagine the feelings and the condition of the colored troops as they saw the vast cloud of greenish-yellow gas spring out

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