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The human relation problem/issue that I choose is about substance abuse. Most sociologist and social psychologists agree that medicine use is a learned habit that propagates through the groups of peers who have influenced one another. Which led me towards the new proven fact that emerges from your class the therapeutic communities’ concept to attack the situation of drug abuse. As we all know medicine use has remained one of the most serious problems in the us. At present you will discover no completely effective ways of dealing with this, drug traffickers have succeeded in conquering every barrier placed in their very own way, as well as the demands to get illegal medicines remains large. So to fully irradicate medication use is entirely out of the question. Nevertheless , therapeutic communities’ concept brings hope to the perfect solution is for this issue in the long run.

Therapeutic residential areas are a way to attack the high relapse rate of addicts who have are detoxified and went back to the larger society. They will enable visitors to re-enter interpersonal life steadily and at their particular pace. This kind of reduces the shock of moving from protective institutional environment for the much higher flexibility of the outside the house world. Below, addicts who have completed all their treatment happen to be transferred to a Re-entry Property for progressive reintegration in to everyday life. Educational facilities are part of the program including training in professional skills and preparation intended for entry in to another educational program.

Therapeutic communities’ approach engraves two important precepts: that addict must assume responsibility for their activities, and that treatment should addresses psychological as well as physical problems. With that in mind, it truly is agreed that drug 2 a learned social patterns. So what far better to help cope with this problem than the help of the communities around that person. The most important direct affect on drug use is regarding the expert group. People can stop using drugs fairly easily in case their social centre does not encourage drug use. That is why the city is such a significant force in battling this problem.

As well as therapeutic neighborhoods approach that they rely on ex-addicts, who typically more effective in breaking through the barriers of isolation and hostility. Also, ex-addicts present living proof that addiction could be overcome. Together with therapeutic communities’ approach, also, they are preaching that what better to combat medication use than that of the direct effect of peer group and also the city by itself. Therapeutic neighborhoods approach helps bring about hope in the realm of struggling with drug employ. I thought that with the mere presence and good example the ex-addicts which will be involved with this approach can revolutionize the solution to this problem

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