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The storyline The Simple Present by Steven Herrick, targets Billy, who will be a 14 year old son living in Australia. Billy shows himself like a reject, a thief and a struggling character whom rejects college. Billy’s ‘alienation’ is a reason behind the mixture of all his troubles, his abusive dad, rejection from practice, bad area. Billy runs away from his family on a freight coach, and packages a set of unusual things like cigs and liquor. Whilst finding a train, uncertain where the train will need him, undersirable climate, wind and rain recalls the violent significant recollection of his father.

After travelling for a while he winds up at an outdated railroad town called Bendarat. Billy can be homeless nevertheless he learns how to locate food with out ‘stealing’ and also keep clean.

As opposed to most other destitute people, Billy accepts his homeless state and is quite proud of his street wise ways of surviving. Billy complies with Caitlin and he falls in love first, Caitlin’s life is an exact opposite of Billy’s, she originates from a rich family and is essentially dissatisfied with her your life.

One more friend Billy meets can be Old Invoice, a homeless drunk living next to Billy’s carriage. Old Invoice is traumatized due to the loss in his little girl Jessie, after an episode of Jessie falling out of a tree, this is the reason Older Bill was led to always be homeless. Once Billy initially met Caitlin he considers she was a spoilt, puffed up, rich girl. But Billy is mistaken when he chats to Caitlin, which initially starts by just smiling to each other to chatting on a daily basis. They become pals, which ultimately turns into a relationship.

Billy and Caitlin have strong connection and be very romantic with each other. Outdated Bill and Billy work on the cannery, it is here when Billy learns simply how much a money is really really worth, and Outdated Bill understands not to use all his money in alcohol. Billy matures a lot throughout the publication, especially when he meets Caitlin. This is shown through the items he says, his thoughts, how he serves and his activities for example , Instead of stealing a ring for Caitlin he acquires it together with his own money, this individual also helps Older Bill drinking alcohol. At the end from the book Billy finally gets caught out by welfare member of staff, and tells him to advance on, nevertheless Old Costs gives Billy the key to his house. He lets Billy reside in his property and take care of it. Old Expenses also informed the well being workers a lot of lies, together with his previous encounter as a attorney.

Title The easy Gift
Written by Steven Herrick
Form of Writing Story
Genre Coming-of-age story
First Published 2004
Country Australia
Main Theme How a young adult discovers his way in life
Environment Small Aussie town
Key Characters Billy, Caitlin, Older Bill


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