the economical effect of the olympic games

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The Olympics are one of many world most significant activity by a sporting point of view because all of the most important players in the world will be there and will raise the prestige in the country nevertheless also from an economic viewpoint because to host such an event you attract fresh investments, online business offerings and the number of tourists is going to raise and that will boost the economic climate of a region for the long. Aim of search: The purpose of this conventional paper is to show how the Olympics can impact the economy.

Key words: Olympic games, economical effect, costs.

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The contribution of an Olympic game into a country economic climate is very significant, also it can be useful for developing the host town area simply by creating fresh job opportunities from the infrastructure level towards the tourism. On the other hand this significant sport situations has is actually advantages it also has disadvantages like: building and preserving the system, costs of hosting the case and overpopulation.

Critical evaluation of the specialized literature:

Research have revealed that there is a period of 3 years where the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT which is the main factor to measure the overall health of a country’s economy, expands to a optimum level getting represented by the year in the event it starts to lower. According to Huang (2011): “Most of hosted efficiently Olympic Games all bring amazing economic rewards to sponsor country’s progress various companies. For example , l reparations intended for the Olympic Games brought Korea 7 billion dollars dollars in production and 2 . six billion dollars in countrywide income from year 1981 to 1988, the average total annual economic expansion rate come to 12. 4%. 

Travel and leisure is also a critical branch from which you can raise the GDP and to develop the area in which the celebration is carry with the development of the Olympic village, stadiums and already existing local attractions. But to have got a continuous cash flow the sport travel it is even now a need obtain and promote the sport industry. Plus presently there millions of people viewing the event from your home and mightconsider in the future browsing country. One other plus for any country which in turn host the wedding comes from the sports industry. According to Mingxiao (2005):  Sporting activities industry is among the important material bases to sports monetary development and socialprogress, has a important stimulat ing part on sports activities economy as well as national monetary growth, which is the emergence of modern individual economy as a new industrial economy inches.

For the short run the nation who sets up the game titles has intended for the beginning expensive of purchases and tiny revenues however they will be protected the cost and will make a profit in the end period. In some particular cases they might hardly ever be recover the costs. The most expensive winter Olympics games had been in Sochi, Russia in 2014 an it expense 50 billion dollars from where $6. four billion was spent on sports related costs. Initially it should include cost just 12 billion but the place was chose poorly mainly because Sochi contains a humid semitropical climate being located near the Dark-colored Sea and in addition they went above budget while using cost of preserving the winter conditions.


My opinion regarding the economic effect of the Olympic games is that the economic boost is very significant for the and it can end up being see in the raise with the income via tourism industry and athletics industry. Additionally it is good since there are a lot of investments in system that will previous for a long period of the time, it creates new jobs to get the people, and also to host this kind of event offers raised the prestige of any country as well as the GDP.


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