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The training System

The education system in my country is different from U. S education, mostly

it can be similar to Portugal education program. The education system in my country

is very restricted and it is not easy to graduate from high school. I’ve been

attending US colleges for nearly four years now. We finished senior high school in my

country and never have a chance to go to college in there. In this dissertation I

would like to compare and contrast the differences between my high school

education system and US education system. Despite the fact that, I never attend large

school in US nevertheless I have a few friends who have told me about secondary school system. 1

of the distinctions is that within my country all high school students needed to ware

school uniform, but also in here the high school pupil they can have on what ever they

want. Second, there was no second option for us for taking those classes that we need we

needed to take that which was offered, in contrast in US high schools students will take a

lest those classes that they just like. Third, the exams inside my country was pretty

exactly like US system.

First of all, within my county all high students we had to decorate uniform.

There were to wear black skirts, light tops, black shoes and black tights. The good

factor about uniform was that this wasnt pricey for parents to get consistent for

their children each year, second, it was great for students to concentrate only

on there classes and third it was incredibly organized. For example, in my relatives

three person went to high school graduation and parents bought us uniforms only once 12 months

which was not very expensive, second every day whenever we waked up we couldnt had to

worry about what to wear and being concerned that we dont have enough garments.

Therefor, using uniform was very very good so most of our attentiveness was in our

classes not in clothing. Finally, wearing consistent was extremely organize whenever we

passed the rode everybody know that i was high school students. As opposed

in America kids can wear any thing they need and there is not any

restriction. For me, it is very pricey for parents to arrange

different clothing for their children everyday. Can be it is no issue for

some parents, but also in most of the circumstances like solitary working parent that has to

work full time and have other expenditures it is not easy to obtain clothes for his or her

children every day. For example , one of my friends girl goes to high

school and her mother works regular she is certainly not making enough money to get new

clothes for her child every day. Consequently, the good thing about uniform is

that it must be not expensive for the patients parents to receive uniform for their children and

beside that it can be more organize too for the students.

Second, in my education system we all didnt had a chance to consider those

classes that we loved. For example there was 14 subjects such as History

Geography, Biology, Physic, Chemistry, Political technology, Cooking, British and

etc . We had to consider all of these classes every year and it was not easy to

go all these classes. Sometime I actually didnt wish to study all these math classes

since I had developed no choice I had developed to pass that class presently there for experienced kill me personally and

study them. In comparison, in US education program it is virtually up to

individual to pick all their interested classes and learn individuals classes. Therefor

I really like this product because every one can give full attention to their interested

subject and they learn that subject really good.

Third, the exams between my education system and US program were not very

different. Apart from, we had only two tests during a session or every six-month.

In hear teachers always obtain quizzes that counts pertaining to the final grading which

is very good, but also in my country we only had two exams that were comprehensive

as well as the added each one of these points together to get the final grad. The grading

strategy is much better than our system because they give you more possibilities to pass

a class by giving you quizzes and midterms. Towards the end the professors add every

these points up and a student can finish a category with a good grad. Beside that

by giving these kinds of midterms and quizzes it divide the book directly into sections which can be

very helpful to get the student to consider the supplies otherwise it is difficult to

keep in mind the whole publication for last.

Finally, there are plenty of differences between education program in the

world and there are various similarities together too. My own country education

system is completely different than American education. The uniform, the classes and

the grading system I am hoping one day each system can look at the every single others

program and find out precisely what is good and what is better for students and alter

their old system to a better and new program.

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