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The Effect of economic and Not Financial Settlement to the Worker Performance Arik Prasetyaand Masanori Kato Graduate College of Asia Pacific Research, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University or college Beppu-shi, Oita-ken, Japan Abstract This research aims (1) to examine the employee responses in terms of their efficiency to an execution of the reimbursement policy which includes both monetary and low financial compensations, (2) to investigate the impact of equally financial and non-financial settlement collectively and individually.

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This research was conducted in PT. Telkom Malang Local Office, with a proportional unique sampling technique with the sample size of 57 employees. The results from the descriptive record analysis of financial and non-financial compensation showed that the compensation policy of PT. Telkom Malang Local Office is line with expectations of employees. Based upon the results of multiple regression analysis, there are significant influences of financial and non-financial compensation for the employee performance.

However it was noted that promotion would not influence automobile performance through this company. Keywords: financial compensation, salary, motivation, non economic compensation, promotion, employee overall performance INTRODUCTION Job performance can be influenced by many people factors. In accordance to Kreitner and Kinicki (2007), overall performance management is usually continuous pattern of enhancing job performance with goal setting, feedback and training, and returns and confident reinforcement.

Through this study the focus was given to compensation system. An investigation was conducted for PT. Telkom Malang Local Office to see how such factors of payment scheme influence job overall performance of the personnel. The question that prompted the latest investigation was What deg at which the salary, incentives, benefits, campaign, self-development, and work environment collectively or individually have affect on staff performance? . Compensation Payment is one of the physical needs that influence motivation which in turn is going to affect the staff performance. Rendering appropriate settlement within the meaning of fair and sufficient to meet certain requirements is one of the employees department functions that are challenging to implement.

Compensation includes the financial comes back to the solutions renered by simply employees within employment interactions. Compensation is a type of advantages that flow to staff arising from their particular employment (Dessler, 1995). Compensation has a big influence in the recruitment of employees, inspiration, productivity and employee yield (Bernardin & Russell, 1993). The level and magnitude of compensation should be or worry because the level of compensation is going to determine the life-style, self esteem, plus the value with the company.

Cascio (1991) identifies that the concepts that must be considered in allowing effective compensation are: a. The rule of justness, taking into account the ratio involving the highest and lowest salaries, cost of living, etc. b. The principle of justice, high should be a very good element of rights in connection with the element of functioning time and work performance.

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