The Effects of Noise on Communication Essay

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Sound is an unpleasant sound that creates disturbances in just about any environment.

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Many investigations have been carried out and how this affects communication. Noise hampers this exchange of ideas from one person to another in numerous ways and sometimes even ends up having such extreme consequences that noise pollution continues to be made important by virtually any government. Sound hindered correct communication between Fleming and Simmons.

Fleming could not correctly articulate what she desired, in this case, to leave. Your woman just got up and kept thinking that Simmons would figure out. Such wreckage of information occurs noise exists. Fleming kept without providing precise details and believed that Simmons would fill in the blanks for herself which was incorrect.

It is clear that Fleming has some seniority over Simmons therefore experienced no need to advise her that the body was still in the room. The noise your woman experienced hampered her capacity to make good decisions just like leaving rapidly leaving Simmons in charge, completely blind siding her. This kind of led to a number of events because of this, Simmons having been informed simply by Fleming that the room was free assumed it was and so because getting her older, she had good reason to trust her.

Sound has been recognized to compromise the safety of human life. As a result of Fleming and Simmons’ assumption and deficiency of following proper procedure, a significant mistake was committed. Noises has many unwanted effects especially on the workplace specifically between Fleming and Simmons. Fleming staying disturbed by the noise can continue producing poor decisions even more so since she is in a senior situation.

She will come to a decision that will drip down and poor decisions always have poor results.

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