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Basic Statement

There exists a perception in society the elderly certainly are a burden mainly because some of the older might not have prepared and prepared for their post-retirement years and retirement years. Interpretation A few of the elderly might also be unhealthy, disabled and have an undesirable quality of life meaning that society will now have to keep the burden of supporting all of them. StakeholdersHowever, such a belief that the aged will always be an encumbrance to world can be conveniently debunked.

In the event the individuals worried remain healthy, happen to be active members of contemporary society and have well prepared for pension, the elderly will never always be an encumbrance to culture because there are ways in which the elderly can contribute or share their particular expertise together with the younger era. Thesis assertion -Line of argument: (Stand + Rationale) Hence, I disagree while using statement the fact that elderly will almost always be a burden to society mainly because such a simplistic notion of the seniors is unfair to the older individuals who are assets to world.

The elderly will not often be a burden to society if they are healthy, include planned very well and are well-prepared for their post-retirement years and old age.

Sample Paragraph 1


Older people might be perceived as a financial burden to culture because most of them have struck retirement age and are also gainfully jobless. ExplanationAs an effect, the majority of the seniors are economically dependent on their family members. ExampleIn Singapore, you have the Maintenance of Father and mother Act exactly where elderly father and mother who happen to be Singapore residents or Permanent Residents and above the regarding 60 can claim routine service from their children. In 2012 by itself, there were 303 elderly parents who filed a assert against youngsters. Link Therefore, the elderly will probably be perceived as monetary burden to society for their inability to aid themselves fiscally as most of the elderly shall no longer be gainfully used.

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tThe elderly will be perceived being an mental burden to society mainly because to some caregivers, it is mentally draining to address theelderly. ExplanationThe majority of the elderly have a greater tendency to be sad or perhaps in low spirits. ExampleIn a study conducted by simply professors in the NUS College of Medicine, one in five elderly individuals in Singapore aged seventy five and above exhibits signs of depression. LinkAs a result, caregivers of the elderly might feel that their pay do not warrant the mental investment necessary of them to care for seniors. There might be animosity on the part of the caregivers and cause them to deduce that the seniors are an mental burden to society.

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The elderly are perceived to become physical and financial burden to contemporary society because the facilities of a nation might have to become modified to cater for a growing group of seniors who are wheelchair-bound. ExampleThe Singapore authorities has reserve S$40 , 000, 000 to co-fund voluntary improving on barrier-free accessibility. Explanation Such updating of establishments are costly but elderly-friendly. LinkOperators might perceive seniors to be a financial burden because such changing of services in shopping malls may prevent able-bodied customers who prefer to avoid the congested smaller malls under building in the growing process.

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Yet , it is also simplistic a notion to talk about that the seniors will always be a burden to culture because the aged can contribute financially to society. ExampleIn the United Kingdom, the overall net contribution of seniors in 2010 is usually estimated to be worth nearly 40 billion pound. ExplanationThe elderly undertake cleaning jobs which contribute to the economy. Website link Hence, it truly is unfair to talk about that the elderly will always be an encumbrance to society because the elderly can bring about financially to society.

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It is also unfair to say which the elderly will be a physical and emotional burden to world. ExampleMany studies on old people’s talents, frailties and needs have been completed. These research shows that there is simply a slight drop in capacity between the ages of 60-69. ExplanationAnecdotally, many people remain in good physical and mentalhealth. LinkIn addition, the elderly will not likely always be an encumbrance to society because there are cultural contributions that they can make to society. Many elderly individuals take care of their very own grandchildren and impart appear values along the way.

Conclusion: Getting back together

In conclusion, I am able to understand why loved ones, the government and caregivers perceive the elderly being a burden to society. However , it is unfair to conclude the elderly will always be a burden to society since they can bring about financially and socially to society. Therefore, I argue with the affirmation that the elderly will always be a burden to world because they could be an asset to society.


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