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Their connotations and correct use in sentence in your essay Abolish verb abolish some thing to officially end a law, a method or a great institution This kind of tax needs to be abolished. you sudden and unexpected, often in an distressing way a great abrupt change/halt/departure The car accident brought his career for an abrupt end. 2 speaking or acting in a way that seems unfriendly and rude; certainly not taking a chance to say more than is necessary instant manner Your woman was very abrupt with me in our appointment.

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The interview ended easily.

Absolute qualificative 1 total and complete a class for complete beginners overall confidence/trust/silence/truth ‘You’re wrong, ‘ she explained with total certainty. Around them the darkness was overall, the quiet oppressive. a couple of [only before noun] employed, especially in used English, to provide emphasis to what you assert There’s total rubbish on television tonight. He or she must earn an absolute fortune. one hundred ten MB is definitely the absolute lowest you need to work the program. What an absolute idiot I’ve been! three or more definite and without any question or confusion There was simply no absolute proof.

He trained us the laws of physics had been absolute. The divorce started to be absolute a week ago. 4 not really limited or restricted complete power/authority a total ruler/monarchy (= one without having limit to their power) your five existing or measured individually and not in relation to something else Though prices happen to be falling in absolute terms, energy remains to be expensive. Beauty cannot be assessed by virtually any absolute regular.

It was absolutely pouring with rain. two absolutely no¦, absolutely nothing used to emphasize a thing negative Your woman did virtually no work. Discover absolutely nothing even more the doctors can do. 3 used with adjectives or verbs that express good feelings or extreme qualities to indicate ‘extremely’ I used to be absolutely furious with him. She absolutely adores you. He’s a truly brilliant cook. 4 accustomed to emphasize that you just agree with a person, or to provide somebody authorization to do something’ They could have told us, couldn’t they? ‘ ‘

Absolutely! ”Can we keep a little early on? ‘ ‘Absolutely! 5 absolutely not used to highlight that you firmly disagree with somebody, or refuse authorization ‘Was this any good? ‘ ‘No, definitely not. ‘ Absolution NOUN (especially in the Christian Church) an official statement that a person is forgiven for what he or she has carried out wrong Helotism noun you a politics system in which a ruler or government provides total electric power at all times 2 belief in a political, faith based or meaning principle which can be thought to be accurate in all situations Abstain action-word 1 avoid (from something) to choose to never use a election, either in favour of or against something Ten people voted in favour, five against and two abstained. avoid (from something) to decide not to do or have something, especially anything you like or perhaps enjoy, since it is bad for your health or perhaps considered morally wrong to abstain from alcohol/sex/drugs 3 avoid (from something) (Indian English) to stay faraway from something.

What she do was an abuse of her location as director. 2 unfair, cruel or violent treatment of somebody kid abuse intimate abuse reported abuses by the secret law enforcement officials She endured years of physical abuse. three or more [uncountable] irritating and offensive remarks, usually made when someone is very angry Synonym SYNONYM: insults to scream/hurl/shout abuse a stream/torrent of maltreatment The man burst open into a bittorrent of foul-mouthed racist maltreatment. Acquaint verb acquaint somebody/yourself with anything (formal) to make somebody/yourself knowledgeable about or aware of something Please acquaint me with the details of the case.

You will first need to acquaint yourself together with the filing system. Acquiesce verb acquiesce (in/to something) (formal) to accept something without quarrelling, even if you do not really agree with this Senior authorities figures need to have acquiesced in the cover-up. The girl explained her plan and reluctantly this individual acquiesced. Faith noun the fact of being ready to do what somebody desires and to acknowledge their views, even if you are not sure that they can be right There was general ungrudgingness in the UN sanctions. Acquire verb one particular acquire omething to gain a thing by your own efforts, capability or behavior She has attained a good understanding of English.

The length of time will it decide to use acquire the important skills? This individual has obtained a status for corruption. I have lately acquired a taste intended for olives. 2 acquire some thing to obtain a thing by buying or perhaps being given it The company just acquired new premises. Just how did the gallery arrive to acquire a lot of Picassos? We’ve suddenly acquired a stepbrother. IDIOM: a great acquired style a thing that you like much at first but gradually learn to like Fuzy art is usually an obtained taste.

Obtain noun one particular [uncountable] the act of obtaining something, especially knowledge, a skill, etc hypotheses of child terminology acquisition 2 [countable] something that somebody buys to add to the actual already individual, usually a thing valuable His latest acquisition is a racehorse. The money will probably be spent on purchases for the university library. 3 [countable, uncountable] (business) a company, parcel, etc . bought by a person, especially one more company; the act of buying it They have made purchases in several EUROPEAN countries. this individual acquisition of shares by employees.

The group has declared its initially overseas buy: a successful computer software company. Traité VERB you acquit an individual (of something) to decide and state officially in court that an individual is simple of a crime The jury acquitted him of killing. Both defendants were rehabilitated. She was acquitted on all charges. He was acquitted on the grounds of not enough evidence. Contrary: convict 2 acquit yourself well, poorly, etc . to accomplish or act well, desperately, etc He acquitted him self brilliantly inside the exams.

Modify verb 1 to change anything in order to make that suitable for a new use or perhaps situation nonym SYNONYM: alter, adapt some thing These designs can be tailored to suit person tastes. adjust something for something The majority of these tools have already been specially modified for use simply by disabled persons. 2 to modify your behavior in order to deal more efficiently with a new scenario m SUGGESTIONS: adjust Really amazing how soon you adapt. The organisms had been forced to conform in order to survive. adapt to something We have was required to adapt quickly to the new system.

A huge organization can be slow to adapt to alter. adapt you to ultimately something It was a little while until him quite some time to conform himself to his fresh surroundings. a few adapt anything (for something) (from something) to change an e book or enjoy so that it can be made into a play, film/movie, television program, etc 3 of her novels have been completely adapted pertaining to television. Sufficient adjective enough in volume, or sufficient in top quality, for a particular purpose or want an adequate flow of hot water The area was small but adequate. There is a insufficient adequate dotacion for incapable students.

This individual didn’t offer an adequate response to the question. adequate for some thing The space readily available is certainly not adequate intended for our requirements. adequate to perform something schooling that is adequate to meet the future needs of industry REVERSE: inadequate adequacy noun [uncountable]The adequacy with the security agreements has been inhibited. OPPOSITE: inability adequately adverb Are you properly insured?

Brush your surface initial, or the color will not adhere. There was essential oil adhering to the bird’s down. Praisal Verb Use: abide by something to behave in respect to a particular law, guideline, set of guidelines, etc; to follow a particular set of beliefs or maybe a fixed way of doing a thing For five months this individual adhered to a strict no-fat low-salt diet. She adheres to teaching methods your woman learned more than 30 years ago. Personnel should stick strictly to the safety suggestions. The diet will work if it is honored.

Adolescence noun the time within a person’s lifestyle when he or perhaps she evolves from a young child into the SYNONYM: puberty Adolescence creates major changes in a young individual’s body. Teenagers noun a teen who is growing from children into an adult adolescents between your ages of 13 and 18 Undertake verb CHILD 1 to take somebody else’s child into the family and become its legal parent(s) a campaign to encourage childless couples to look at adopt a person to adopt children She was forced to have her baby adopted. ethod 2 undertake something to start to use a particular method in order to show a particular attitude towards somebody/something

All three teams implemented different approaches to the problem. suggestion 3 choose something to formally acknowledge a suggestion or perhaps policy by voting to look at a resolution The council is expected to undertake the new plan at its subsequent meeting. fresh name/country some adopt a thing to choose a new name, a country, a custom made, etc . and begin to use this as your individual to adopt a name/title/language Early Christians in Europe adopted many of the procedures of the older, pagan made use of. ay of behaving a few adopt some thing (formal) to use a particular method, way of speaking, expression, and so forth He followed an air flow of indifference. candidate six adopt a person (as something) (British British, politics) to select somebody as a candidate in an election or perhaps as a representative She was followed as parliamentary candidate to get Wood Green. Adore verb (not found in the accelerating tenses) one particular adore someone to love somebody greatly It’s evident that the girl adores him. 2 (informal) to just like something a lot adore anything I simply adore his music!

Don’t you merely adore that dress! appreciate doing anything She really likes working with children. Adorn VERB to make something/somebody look more attractive by decorating it or them with something adorn something/somebody Gold bands adorned his fingers. Graffiti adorned them. adorn something/somebody/yourself with something The walls were adorned with paintings. Your children adorned themselves with plants. adornment. noun A plain pendant was her only adornment. Advocate (v) VERB to compliment something publicly advocate some thing The group does not counsel the use of violence. dvocate (somebody) doing something Many specialists advocate fulfilling your child permanently behaviour. supporter that¦ The report strongly suggested that all complexes be fitted with smoke sensors.

The statement advocated that most buildings should be fitted with smoke cigarettes detectors. Aesthete (Esthete) NOUN a person who contains a love and understanding of artwork and fabulous things Cosmetic (Esthetic) interested in beauty and art plus the understanding of gorgeous things a great aesthetic understanding of the landscape The benefits of conservation are both financial and aesthetic. made in a great artistic way and beautiful to look at Their very own furniture was more visual than practical. aesthetically (North American English language also es-): adverb pleasing colour combinations.


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